Thursday, September 11, 2008

WIP and tractor

More monkeys in progress.

Dave and joseph's lawn tractor. It took a whole day to figure out how to get it out of the truck. They are going to paint some parts this weekend and hopefully find the fuel leak.

Silver in her new sling. She was not happy with this new sling for about the first 30 seconds. Now she is addicted to the sling. She sees it approach and starts jumping back and forth, shaking her ears. I got it from BabyinaFishBowl.

I am still dying sweatshirts and a piece of yardage for the silent auction at Camp Stitches this weekend. I took pics of the purple sweatshirts and the faces with hair. but they are still in camera.

I am almost(ha) done cutting my fabric for the Mystery Quilt with Denis Mullinex, and I have to pack two other quilts I may work on, as well as my silent auction and book sale items, and food, and pillow, and airbed.........Should I take my polar bear jams or my leopard print jams?

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