Monday, September 22, 2008

Monkeys are done

I finished the sock monkeys and the pants. Here they are, all dressed up and ready for the BSA Troop 92 Court Of Honor Silent Auction. It is today, right?

I don't know what amount I should start them for the auction. I don't want them to go for $1.00 each. I should figure that if they don't sell at the Court of Honor, I can put them on ETSY and put the proceeds in the scout fund.

Here in the back, you can see I left tail accommodations, and the little tail vents are sewn down nicely, not just unsewn seams or raw edges. They are just tail vents, what else could vent from the back of a sock monkey?

I put the pants making in reverse order, blogs kind of do that anyway. I mean, yesterday's (?) entry is below this but comes before it....
Here is the final pants, with slight, very slight, modifications to the second prototype. Modifications like leg length. You can see three prototype pants on the left, the final pants mid construction are in three fabrics on the right side of the photo.

Here is the second prototype, not quite right but better than the first. Sock Monkeys are easy to dress because they have no joints and bend anywhere. And they don't complain or try to get away.

This is the first pants prototype. As you can see, it is a bad fit. Even for a sock monkey who isn't going to hop around much by himself or complain of riding up. But, if you're going to go commando, you better have good pants.

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