Monday, March 31, 2008


This is one of the saddlepads I'm working on. It's the hand dyed denim I showed you earlier.I like how it's turning out, so far. Now I'm afraid I'll mess it up! It's the Juki LZ that scares me! I need more practice and I need to work out some issues. It's always something.

And here are some pictures Dave took of our yard yesterday. He said I could put them on my blog for his Mom to see. So here you go, Mrs. Mom! He took 55 pictures, but I'd be all day uploading them!
Remember: you can click on the picture to enlarge it!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Etc and misk

I started a blog for Silver yesterday, buns-of-silver The reasoning behind it is this: I have been reading the blogs of some British cats. Ramses' blog is very interesting. His sister Isis had kittens, and they were cute, and I wanted to comment, but did not feel right commenting as a person, so I made a blog for Silver and commented form that one. She's not a cat, but.....

Ramses' blog is: ramsesmeow and it links to Isis' and Tigmut'hep's.

Silver is not the only bun in cyberspace: fracklesanddeb

I have been working on the mariners compass. I needed two, and, as you know, one did not come out. So I made another and it did not come out, but I was able to disassemble parts and adjust it and it finally was round and flat. So I was attaching them, and ruined one. So I had to make another one and I did and it was flat right away, and round too.....but it was too big and something was odd. I figured out what it was, disassembled it and put it back, now it is good. It is going on a saddle pad for the quilt show. Deadlines for entries are Tuesday, but the actual item does not have to be turned in until the 16th,?? maybe the 14th???
So I've got time.

Janow has had a hard week. Monday, the first thing I noticed was that he didn't want any of his favorite treats. Then I noticed that he was very interested in having my scratch his stomach on and just behind the heart girth(that's the front part of the stomach that still has ribs and a sternum). When I got down on the ground and looked up, he was covered with hard bumps and the hair was falling off. I think he slept on a spider. Ew. But he is getting better. He had a chiropractic adjustment on Monday too.

The shedding continues. I wonder if horse hair counts as dietary fiber.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fire is Your Friend -or- Where There's Smoke, There's Dinner

Did you know......

Fire is an exothermic chemial reaction!

The calories in food are the energy that your body can get from eating the food.

Fire changes the energy stored in the food to energy in the form of heat which dissipates into the air. If you take the calories in the food and turn them into heat that blows away on the wind, you reduce the calories in the food.


Lose weight by burning your food before you eat it.

The Cat Patrol, attending my most recent science lecture.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

this is fancy

go here, check it out
metal art
Timothy Adam

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost at "C"

This is a Mariner's Compass, a traditional quilt block. It's one of two I am making to decorate a saddlepad for dressage. That's where 'Lost at C' comes in. This one came out OK, the other one looks like Mt. Shasta on LSD. If it were a compass to be used for finding your way, you would be lost. Not only at C, but also at E and, most likely, K. So I had to make another one, right?

Sort of. My third one came out better than my second, but also proved to me how lucky I was with the first. I might be able to fix it. Might.

In the end, I monkey around a lot, but come out a more experienced foundation piecer. Just what I always wanted.

Monday, March 17, 2008

DOL Jacket and Another Thing

Here is the jacket I started at DOL. It's made with lavender hand dyed denim. P G-B at Piecemakers asked "Where in the world did you get hand dyed denim?" It's going pretty slowly, but I have taken out a lot and re-sewn it to get it the way I want it. I still have sewing to do. The buttons are next. I found them on ETSY. I think it needs some beads.

Here is another thing. In progress, but not as much progress. The orange is more hand dyed denim. The other two fabrics will be machine appliqued onto the denim in a kind of mola design. It will be a saddlepad.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Phish On Friday

I'm sad to say that I have to put a spam protection on my comments. You can still leave comments, but you will have to type some hard to see code letters to post it.

The reason for this is the recent comments that are not really comments, they are phish. I phish is a way of getting information about you from your computer, or of getting you to type some password to get into something that looks official but is fako. Then they get your password and they can pretend to be you. You can get things uploaded to your hard drive that will attract pop up adds and spam. They shop as you and have the stuff sent to their house.

These are usually computer generated so they can send out hundreds or thousands without sitting at the keyboard all day and all night.

When you see the distorted characters that you have to type into the box, that prevents the computer generated phish and spam from using it. Computers have a much harder time recognizing characters that don't look quite right.

I'm sorry to have to do it, but....... I don't like phish.

And if you see a comment that is odd AND has a link, DON'T KLIK ON IT!!

Here is my ETSY Mini:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

sea shore

This only makes sense to the person it is intended for. That's OK.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Quote of the day

"I don't care what Alex has."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

produce science and the fence

Well, is has been awhile....but I have an excuse. Not a good one, but it IS an excuse. "I couldn't log in." I couldn't figure out why, then I remembered, I changed my Google password when I got in to eCrater. So I figured it out, finally!

This is what was happening while I was trying to log on. Dave and our neighbor decided to replace an aging fence, so they bought the wood and geared up. Then it rained. A lot. Well, they finally got clear skies on a weekend they could both work on it.

Here are the pictures Joseph and I took of the science experiment he did for the upcoming science fair. We actually took about 50 pictures, but we didn't print them all and only used 10 of the ones we printed. He was supposed to inhibit the enzyme that makes apples and potatoes discolor be using lemon juice and record the time it took for each to turn brown. It took a long time. We watched them for 5 hours!

It was very boring.
The experiment that he received called for each apple and each potato to be done individually, but I decided it would be easier if we ran them all together at the same time and simply took photos to record the data.
I helped him make a very simple poster about the experiment. Simplicity won out, he was in the roughly 1/2 of students who didn't have to bring theirs home to fix up.

I will take pictures at the science fair when we go.

And finally, don't click on links in comments unless the comments are signed. There are spam and phish comments that I can't delete. I can prevent them by making you type some stupid distorted letters before you comment, but do you want to do that?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Science Fair

Joseph is currently working on his science fair project and using the cameraq to document his results. So, I am not taking pics until he is done. That way my pics won't mix up in his pics and cause any confusion.

It's an odd science project involving enzymes and pH. Easy to do the experimant at home, and to wrtie up a display.......but.......

Enzymes and pH, in 6th grade? Can they even comprehend what these are? PH especially, is a hard concept.


I am also pondering a letter that came home from the school. It doesn't make sense, involves punitive actions, and was sent home with the entire 6th grade. It kind of has a nasty "we have power to wreck your life, or else" feel. It uses lots of accromyms and buzzwords which, I am sure, the principle uses every day in her job. I, however, do not use them and I so am not familiar. The letter does not define them. I am required to sign that I have read and understood this letter so that Joseph can take it back to school this morning.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

hair bun

I found this article(local even)
Alameda News

in this blog:

Since the finding of the lost bun on Thanksgiving, and the impossible reuniting with her family, and then adopting Silver here, Oakland animal services
I am having fun with rabbits.

I ordered a rabbit rescue button here: Dog Coat Lady and it gets a lot of attention.

If you want to get a rabbit for Easter, wait until the sugar wears off, then adopt a rescue rabbit for yourself. They are refreshingly quiet company after the kids go off to school.

Oh, and there is a big guy with a beard who works at Orchard Supply Hardware. He has fantastic advice for the best things to buy for bunny toys!

(Lots of men are secret bunny lovers)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tuxedo Cats are Taking Over the World!

I received pictures in my email of yet another tuxedo cat.
This is Cookie Monster.

The impact of pet ownership on our economy has been expressed as dollars spent on pet food and vet care and pet toys. I've never heard any mention of the pet owners' contribution in terms of cameras and software for recording their pets.

For example: This is Silver, AKA Newman. She is difficult to photograph because she is pretty quick. Also the size of her eyes! My red-eye removal software isn't able to recognize this much red-eye. According to Photoshop, nothing I could take pictures of has this much eye space.
Silver has also enlightened me concerning the Easter Bunny Myth. It can't be true. No self respecting bunny would deliver baskets intact. Each bun takes personal responsibilty and pride in ridding the world of baskets. It's a lot of work, but buns are dedicated.

Today, I have signed up for Retreat Lite from Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Community Quilts. It's a two day sew in, but close by(Newark) and inexpensive. No teachers or classes. Overnight hotel accomodations are an option since we will be able to go home easily. So I can visit Janow and see Dave and Joseph, but have a place to sew this weekend where I will not be interupted every few minutes.

This is called ETSY Mini, I'm not sure how it works, this is a test: