Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jessalynn's Quilt

I made this quilt for Nancy's new grandaughter Jessalynn.

There was a lot of fussycutting, and I even matched the stripes in the sashing. That was harder than I thought it would be, so I got it messed up and had an even harder time figuring it out! I had to line the stripes up with each other and get the star points on the correct star enters at the same time.
The little dinos are aligned so that if it is over the top of you, you look down and see the most dinos closest to you are right side up.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pacific International Quilt Festival

Pacific International Quilt Festival is nearly here! It begins on Thursday and runs through Sunday. It has the biggest vendor fair I have ever seen in my life!

I've had two quilts accepted for entry into the show this year. I have sewn on a sleeve and checked labels, so they are ready for delivery today.

Sue Cracks Up 30x30

I batiked the Sunbonnet Sues instead of applique which is more traditional. The sashing is batiked onto the same fabric asw the Sue, so this quilt is pieced from only 9 pieces of fabric.

Key Search 82" x 105"
The little 2 inch squares on this are pieced from scraps that were too small to cut a 2 inch square from, yet too large to just throw away.
I had a good time with the quilting, I didn't feel serious and so I quilted outlines of old skeleton keys, and then quilted around them so they are hidden. When it hung in the Legacies of Love quilt show, just an exhibition of quilts made by guild members and not juried, people had a good time finding them. They are not impossible to find.

I had plans to sell this quilt, but I'm having trouble parting with it because it's so fun to look at.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


My mother decided to knit me a sweater. She had knitted socks before, before I was born. She had knitted slippers for me when I was in Nursury School. (That's what they called pre-school "back in the day") So this sweater was a huge undertaking! But she did it! I couldnt believe it! You would never guess from looking at the sweater that it wasnt made by someone with a lot of experience.

I wore it to the quilt guild meeting last Tuesday and brought it up for Show-n-Tell at the end of the meeting. Everybody I had spoken wiuth that evening was surprised that it was a hand knit sweater! "Look at those cables!" "Show the back!"

I held out my camera and asked "Could somebody take my picture so I can show her I showed it off to everybody?" Everybody cheered. Marta took the pictures.

There is a raffle drawing for everybody who brings something to Show-n-Tell. I won the prize. I knew I would send it to Knitter-Mama, but everyone made sure I was going to do that in case I didnt think of it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Saturday we went to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. Barbara recomended it when we saw her at Mickey D's on Friday afternoon.
It was fantastic. They had more live animals than I expected. The owls were up high on a shelf without glass or wires between us.

All the animals were native to the area, and all were there because they were unable to be released due to injuries or the results of people tying to tame them.
The bald eagle had electrocuted his wing on a wire, the mountain lion had been declawed, a hawk had imprinted on humans instead of other hawks.
I liked the bats best.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


We bought new Uniture. Actually, just the sofa, loveseat and chair. Should have got two chairs, no loveseat. I said the room is too small, he said it will fit. Well, it fits, but it's more crowded than I like. Then we picked out a new entertainment center, one to match the sofa and fit around that old 61 inch TV. It's NOT a flat screen and it takes up a lot of space! We are still movng stuff around trying to decided on placement.

Then the computer hutch we had was all wrong, so we ordered a new one to match the entertainment center.

I went in search of an occaisional table. No coffee table, they just collect stuff and you have to walk around them. I hate walking around furniture. I found one that was OK, but the wrong finish. I would have had to refinish it. It was easily worth the $250 price tag, but I could see paying that much for one I had to refinish. So I decided to head on over to Cost Plus and see if I could get something wicker or what and paint it. On my way, I saw garage sale signs..............

The table cabinet I bought was definitely in need of refinsishing, it had the 70's heavy varnish and dark stain. $5.00. A good price even for firewood. Then the work started. Oh boy. But I got it to match the new entertainment center and computer hutch.

We are still moving stuff around........