Thursday, November 18, 2010


Janow was doing well yesterday. We went for a drive, Roger driving. He got his tongue over the bit two times and I had to jump out and head him while we fixed it. The noseband is now tighter and the bit is higher. Janow wanted to trot a lot, but we walked mostly.

Today I am not going, I get to rest.

Feeding horses is tricky. Add to that the fact that with boarding horses at a stable, you don't get ultimate power to choose, you have to go with what they feed everyone. Not every feed is available in every region and comparable prices. It's easier to get if you live where they grow it. If they have to truck it across three states....$$$$$

Rabbits and horses are very similar in both digestive anatomy and feed, and temperament. Both are prey animals. Both have functional cecums to digest roughage. Both practice copraphagy, though rabbits more than horses, and horse people try to limit it to control parasites.

Gastric stasis in rabbits and colic in horses are equally serious. Licking and chewing in horses is exactly like teeth purring in rabbits. A binky is a buck, only smaller. If you build their stall/hutch out of wood, they will eat their way out.

People who don't have horses have asked me if horses are like dogs or cats. People who don't have rabbits have asked me if rabbits are like dogs or cats. Actually, rabbits and horses are more like each other.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Janow

I am very tired.

Yesterday he ate more of his meds, but not all. I ran out of Isoxuprine but the new that I ordered isn't here yet.

Roger suggested rice bran to make him eat the meds. I did some research on it. It's hard to find good info without paying to subscribe the the vet journals. Most of what you find is stuff to help you realize you need to buy what they happen to have for sale, but no real data. Colorado State has THIS. (click here) It was tha best.

Here are some pictures. Janow's girlfriend is Sunbeam. She is also a carriage horse.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Janow has been refusing to eat his meds and his feet have begun to bother him. I have spent the past two days camping in the car and walking hin every hour. I come home at night, but its not quite an hour and a half drive out to the stable where his is right now.

He is on isosxprine and Prevocox for a while. The discomfort is minor at this point, but by catching it early being diligent, I am hoping to keep it mild and make it short lived.

Part of the problem is not getting enough thyroid and pergolide, part of the problem seems to be the feeder person at the barn deciding he was too ribby and trying to fatten him up, part of the problem may even be not walking long enough to increase circulation in his feet before beginning trot.

It may be all three of these things working together. I do not need to know precisely, I just need to help him out.

I believe everything will be fine in the end.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

San Jose Veteran's Day Parade

Joseph's NJROTC was in it.

Can you find him without the red arrow?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Death by Llama

Llamas live nearby to Roger. Janow had never seen one before.

Janow: "Can't go this way."
Roger: "Go on."
Janow: "Carriage horses never pass llamas."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "No, they don't."
Roger: "Yes, they do."
Janow: "This is getting boring."
Roger: "Go past the llama."
Janow: "Sheeesh!"
Roger: "Go."
Janow: "OK"

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I found these self portraits in the camera when I loaded pictures into the computer. Inspired, I think, by a new hat.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Janow is a Carriage Horse

Yesterday was the first time Janow pulled a cart! Roger drove. Nothing happened. He wavered a little from side to side, then just went forward. He even trotted a little!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Legions of Troy

Here are some pictures from the Legions of Troy Jr ROTC Drill Team Competition. It was held at Milpitas High School. Very easy for us to go since it is just down the street.

Jospeph led his squad here.

Then he marched with his platoon. The platoon won their division.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Janow is a Star

My old horse is doing well in his training. He seems to miss being at home. OR He seems excited to be doing real work. He whinnies a lot and is antsier than a three year old sometimes. Then the work starts and he settles down.

Here he is getting longed and pulling the travois.
He is in love with Sunbeam next door. Maybe he misses Emmitt.

I've got to get a new laptop. I have pictures of the ROTC drill team competition that need editing. My computer is slow so it takes a long time. The battery life is about 25 seconds so I have to stay plugged in, and the WiFi is out so I have to stay plugged in to that too. Everywhere my wires reach is uncomfortable to sit at.

I have fallen behind on lots of blog news too. I miss it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Here he is in the winter uniform. They had to wear uniforms on Tuesday this week because Wednesday was teacher inservice. Of course, it got hot again, and there was drill practice. He lived.

Next week they are marching in the San Jose Veteran's Day Parade. Thursday, I think.

Life with the Oldest and Slowest Laptop on the Planet continues. The ports don't work so I can't plug everything in at once. The WiFi doesn't work so I am chained to the wall, but not at a desk. I have my laptop on a chair in the living room and I sit on the floor. My back gets tired of that fast. Good thing Christmas is near.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday Bunday

A cute rabbit icanhascheeseburger would be fun, but Marshmallow needs help.

Spayed - 2 years old
Intake#: N/A
Appropriate for families witih children over 9 years old, or an adult home. Is good with small, well-behaved dogs and friendly cats.

Marshmalllow was abandoned by a family that recently moved away. Instead of taking Miss Marshmallow to the shelter, they stuffed her (inside of her terribly dirty cage) into a trash dumpster and drove off.

Fortunately, neighbors were aware of what happened. They pulled Marshmallow from the dumpster. This sweet, sweet bunny is now in foster care.

Like most bunnies, Marshmallow is resilient and forgiving. She is incredibly sweet and loving, and we hope to find a wonderful home for her soon.

Marshmallow is currently at PETCO in Murrieta (24480 Village Walk Place, Murrieta, CA 92562, 951.691.5063). Please contact if you would like to learn more, or call 951-790-BUNS (2867).