Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi Ho Silver!

Here she is! She sure is busy!
She likes to make confetti, so if I provide raw materials, she doesn't have to resort to whatever is on hand. We have replaced the cords on our lamps and encased them in plastic tubing.
She is friendly and likes to be petted, but not picked up. She likes to play. She seems to be learning to tell the difference between fun black cat and nasto black cat.
Rabbitese is a new language for us. I have consulted with other rabbit owners only to find the language varies greatly from bun to bun and evolves according to individual rabbit whims faster than a translation can be compiled and published. We are lost at sea. Good thing we packed carrots.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


It has been way too long since my last update. Silver has settled in and is nothing like I thought rabbits were. She is more fun. Dave thinks she is messy. I point out that she is more reliable at litter box use than his favorite cat Whiskers.

I have enrolled in a Design Outside the Lines retreat with Marcie Tilton and Diane Ericson in Santa Barbara. A big scary step. Now I have to prepare. Fast. It is February 3rd thru 7th.

Part of why I have not posted is because I wanted to show you pictures of Silver and I didn't want to scare her with a flash. I took pictures this morning and she took the flash in stride. Possible because it was never a problem, possibly because I waited until she was more at-home here.

Another bigger one was that I promised to post pictures of putting two-fold binding on a quilt. I took the pictures a long time ago, but did not feel like editing the photos or writing directions. I finally did.

Blogger has reduced the file size, so if you want the bigger files, I can email them to you in an attachment. Just leave a comment.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Silver the rabbit is doing well. She is adjusting to our home and getting into a routine. Beside the occasional lamp cord chewing, her chewing has been random and casual and easily dissuaded.

and then she began to feel more at-home.

She went behind the sofa and chewed on the corner. I stuffed a phone book between wall and sofa. It took a couple days, but she went behind the sofa from the other end and there was more chewing on the sofa. I gently chased her out and gave he a cardboard egg carton. She went back behind the sofa and there was more chewing. So I got a rolled up newspaper and stuffed that between wall and sofa. I was no problem for her to pull it out, though it had been an effort to stuff it in.

But the newspaper, the NEWSPAPER, it was fantastic! So great for chewing! She made confetti. Lots of confetti. She was so busy. Fiendishly busy.

Destructo Bunny was born!

Friday, January 04, 2008


We are having a storm. Compared to lots of places, it's pretty mild. We just aren't used to it and our lives aren't designed to handle it well. If it rained and blew like this frequently the we would have the stuff that makes it easier to live with. As it is, it's hard to justify the expense of installing it if you are only going to really need it for one storm every few years.

I didn't put a blanket on Janow last night because he has a lot of hair, and if he could stay dry, his hair would keep him warmer that a blanket. A blanket would just squish the hair down and reduce it's ability to insulate. If he could stay dry. He got wet. the wind gusted and swirled around, leaving only a very small dry part in his stall. He probably stayed dry until breakfast when he had to leave the small spot to eat.

When I got there, he was standing right up against the wall. He turned his head around to look at me and his head was all tilted. Right away I feared a neurological condition! No, he was just tilting it away from the wind. He was miserable. So I got a lightweight wool blanket and put it on. I walked him down to the arena barn, a soaking journey in itself. He was already wet. I walked him up and down the aisle a bunch, and scratched his face. He was very itchy. Then I took the blanket off and let him roll in the arena.

Re blanketed for the walk home, where I changed the blanket for a dry one with heavier wool and gave him lost of hay. He seemed just fine when I left.

Do horses live in the wild without this care? All the time. Usually not to the age of 19. A big part of why we have animals we don't need for survival is because we enjoy making them comfy. They can't say "But Mom!!!! Bucky gets too!"

Block of the Month

Lover's Knot blocks, 12 inches square.

Here is the Block of the Month for Piecemakers Guild. The pattern is published in the newsletter. Everyone who wants to can make one, or two, or so. At the general meeting, we pin them up and each person who makes on is entered in a drawing. The winner takes them all.

I like to make them, but the last thing I need is another unfinished project! So I enter mine as "Community Quilts" which is our charity group. Since I am not winning them, I don't feel constrained by the limit on the number of entries by one person. I don't even know what it is!