Thursday, January 10, 2008


Silver the rabbit is doing well. She is adjusting to our home and getting into a routine. Beside the occasional lamp cord chewing, her chewing has been random and casual and easily dissuaded.

and then she began to feel more at-home.

She went behind the sofa and chewed on the corner. I stuffed a phone book between wall and sofa. It took a couple days, but she went behind the sofa from the other end and there was more chewing on the sofa. I gently chased her out and gave he a cardboard egg carton. She went back behind the sofa and there was more chewing. So I got a rolled up newspaper and stuffed that between wall and sofa. I was no problem for her to pull it out, though it had been an effort to stuff it in.

But the newspaper, the NEWSPAPER, it was fantastic! So great for chewing! She made confetti. Lots of confetti. She was so busy. Fiendishly busy.

Destructo Bunny was born!

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