Sunday, January 22, 2012

Curiosity Killed the Cat but Domesticated the Pony

Yndi is doing well. I'm pretty happy to be able to say that. She had a visit with a veterinarian who limits his practice to equine dentistry. She had some major things going on in there. Poor Yndi! It's fixed now and she is finding life less overwhelming and less painful.

Today was an informal photo shoot. And then she got loose. Oops. We were in the ring, so I closed the gate. Good first step. Step two was not successful, nor step three. The weather was not very good, so nobody was there to help. I was on my own.

I went to the fence and looked over, entranced by nothing. In only a few minutes, Yndi came over to see what was so interesting, and I had her.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today, I have cried.

Today I have cried, first for Natha who is not getting better and for Dustin who is trying to provide what she needs. For Orlando, who was finished with this world before Michelle and Fiona were ready and who would have stayed to save them the pain, if he could have.
The hardest for Janow, who Natha and Lando reminded me of. Sometimes the last nice thing we do for them is let them go. He went quietly, with his pain managed as much as possible. I promised I would make the pain stop, and I did.
For Maggie, who went faster than I was ready for and in terrible agony that I could not stop. I still feel guilt.