Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Picture Today

Yndi is doing very well at Indian Hill. Elise, another boarder who is an excellent horseman, spent a few minutes with her. She worked on setting boundaries. It was magical. Yndi is doing so much better. I can just walk around and hold the rope which swings between us. Yndi follows. I feel like I could harness her and long line her anywhere, but I don't. What if it didn't work? Patience and fear of failure often look the same. Lesson with Tracy Maurer on Friday.

Find out more about Elise at Instadog

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nobody Likes Me

Nobody likes me,
Everybody hates me.
I'm going to the garden and eat worms!

Big fat shiny ones,
Itsy bitsy tiny ones,
Oh, how they wiggle and they squirm!

Paula Pullet, my old pet chicken, likes crickets. I have to buy crickets at the feed store and give them to her right away. She also likes worms and comes running if she sees me digging int he dirt. I do not like digging in the dirt just for worms.

So I am starting a worm farm. I will get some great compost and Joseph can have tons of worms for fishing this summer.

My worms came yesterday.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh, Beloved Butter!

The latest solution to lick marks
has not been universally approved
by all members of the household.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Poops are Better

Dave took these yesterday. He took a lot of them from down low. I think he was trying to look like a photographer. When you do this with horses, the nose looks huge. When you do this with people, you can see up the nose. To minimize both of these, you can back off and zoom. I said "If you are going to take them from down there, you will need to back up and zoom in." He backed up two steps. Whatever.

These are the best two. The sweatshirt looks really bad. I should stop wearing it.

It was a beautiful day. Today is rainy. Lydia does not like the rain. Lydia detests hail.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A good day

Kind of wet.
I spent a lot of time with Yndi in the morning, hanging out in her paddock. I took her for a walk, Sierra and Joy came for company. She hit her limit at the blue house, so we went back. It was a difficult walk back.

I went home and got warm and dry, then returned. She apparently is developing a sizable fan base.

We went for another walk, this time without the drizzle. She was more comfortable near home base and we stopped and stood for a long time at the show barn. We didn't go as far as the *blue house. On our return trip, we stopped for a while at the end of the mare motel. Then we walked up the lane past home and stopped and stood. Back down and stopped again, standing around in front of her home. Then in.

By watching her hay disappear, I can tell she was eating much better in the afternoon.

*The blue house is not blue anymore. It was painted tan about 4 years ago.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yndi comes to Milpitas

I brought Yndi to Milpitas on Thursday. I am having a difficult time coping with life and so Yndi is here where I can see her and relax with her. Roger thought is was a good time to have a training break for her. She wasn't making a whole lot of progress.

Her runny poop made a comeback, and she is distressed with the new surroundings. Today I will just go sit in her paddock.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pet Expo

Yesterday, I went to the Pet Expo at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.I got some flower essences, armadillo tattoos(temporary), a block print of two bunnies: Tyler and Syndey by The Qi Papers' Diana Moll, and dog treat samples.
There were also bunny treats from The Rabbit Haven. These were regarded with suspicion by Silver, who ate one...eventually.

I stopped at Michael's, the craft store we all love to hate. I got a frame for my print here. Then I went home and put the print in and hung it up.

I sent a text communication to the vet out by Yndi, requesting a lameness work up for her hind end problems. More money spent, but better to find out if she needs some rehab before I spend more money on training. Maybe less discomfort for Yndi too. We will find out if training can continue and what modifications can be made to increase her success. She is sweet and I think she wants to be good, so I want to help her.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Things are Looking Up for Yndi Again

Here are some pictures from yesterday.
I am trying to care for Yndi the way I would want a 16 year old beloved mare to be cared for if I had to give her up. I do not see her often enough to have formed much of an attachment. It is hard having a horse over an hour away. Dave said it is like not having a horse at all.

She had the farrier, which was overdue. Roger's is small, with few horses. I could not find anyone who would go there for one trim. So...she had to wait for everybody's day.

The farrier found that she was landing very heavily on the inside of her hind feet, enough to cause some pretty apparent bruising of the sole. He said that he had seen that in brood mares and thought it was due to ligament damage during difficult parturition. Roger thinks it could also be from not being in good physical condition while she was in foal.

This problem results in her hind legs not working properly, sometimes maybe with pain. It explains her lack of confidence. It explains the difference in personality between the Yndi that hangs out in her stall and the Yndi getting ready for work.


They feel there is a lot that can be done. Roger has had good success with Reiki, so I have arranged for a Reiki practitioner to give her some treatments.

Roger will continue the conditioning which should help, and ask for less of the things that might be uncomfortable or more difficult.

She is already better after having the farrier begin correcting her feet.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What do YOU like to eat?

“What are you eating?”
“Can I have some?”
“You wouldn’t like it.”
“Does it taste like vomit?”
“Does it taste like cat poo?”
“I wouldn’t like it.”

Lydia is an equal opportunity napper.