Sunday, February 12, 2012

A good day

Kind of wet.
I spent a lot of time with Yndi in the morning, hanging out in her paddock. I took her for a walk, Sierra and Joy came for company. She hit her limit at the blue house, so we went back. It was a difficult walk back.

I went home and got warm and dry, then returned. She apparently is developing a sizable fan base.

We went for another walk, this time without the drizzle. She was more comfortable near home base and we stopped and stood for a long time at the show barn. We didn't go as far as the *blue house. On our return trip, we stopped for a while at the end of the mare motel. Then we walked up the lane past home and stopped and stood. Back down and stopped again, standing around in front of her home. Then in.

By watching her hay disappear, I can tell she was eating much better in the afternoon.

*The blue house is not blue anymore. It was painted tan about 4 years ago.