Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.”

California's mandatory spay/neuter legislation.

"It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.”
--Nathan Stark, Eureka, 2007

SB250 is being voted on again today in California. It’s a “bill aimed at forcing more pet sterilization as an alternative means to euthanizing hundreds of thousands of strays.”-—Sacramento Bee.

The ASPCA is not aware of any credible evidence demonstrating a statistically significant enhancement in the reduction of shelter intake or euthanasia as a result of implementation of mandatory spay/neuter law.

This legislation is intended to stop breeding for profit without regard to the quality or health of the dogs or the breed. It should make it more difficult for owners to breed their dog just for fun: “The kids would learn so much!” It’s an attempt to reduce the rate of canine immaculate conception. Dogs from resulting these circumstances are crowding shelter and rescues. They are being put to death in large numbers. It’s very sad. "We should put an end to this."--The Church Lady

Compliance on licensing is not good. I expect compliance on spay/neuter to be less than “not good.” It makes the assumption that the people responsible for the excess dog population would be responsible enough to comply. People are required to license their dogs. This is easier, faster, and cheaper than spay/neuter and still they don't do it.

In addition to the trouble and expense of spay/neuter, there is the emotional aspect. Not every guy who wants his dog to keep his equipment really intends to him to get any use out of it. Guys can easily get their dog’s cajones confused with their own. The difference seems straightforward to me, but I’m not a guy. When you talk about neutering dogs, guys surreptitiously move their knees closer together. They would no sooner subject their dog to a nutectomy than go in for one themselves.

What else could be done that would be more effective than mandatory spay/neuter? Well, most of the excess dogs are the result of stupid people, not responsible breeders producing dogs for an established market. It would make sense to say that you gotta be smarter than your dog to keep him intact. We need legislation to keep stupid people from breeding dogs, a law that would keep stupid people’s dogs from reproducing. My reasoning follows:

Dogs are notorious breeders. “Dude, you dog you!” When dogs want to get out to do the wild thing in the wild, you have to be smarter at keeping them in than they are at getting out.

You gotta be smarter than your dog if you want to keep him entire. There would be a huge increase in the value of dumb dogs. Every idiot would have to have a dog dumber than he is and he would be willing to pay. After all, he feels that his own cajones are on the line.

Bumper stickers that say “My dog is smarter then your honor student.” would be replaced by stickers that saying “My dog is dumber than yours.” Logically, this would not be bragging material. After all, smart guys need stupid dogs; dumb guys need really stupid dogs. Logic isn’t the issue here. The issue is legislation.

Mandatory spay/neuter won’t work. What will? Make the cost of spay/neuter tax deductible. Give people an incentive to have it done. If you say, “do it because we say so!” stupid dog owners will just pick their noses with their middle fingers. If you say “Do it and you will have more money to buy lotto tickets!” stupid dog owners will stampede the vet’s office. They might even offer to go under themselves. That should be tax deductible too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Bunday

This was posted on Facebook. It's cute, I've watched it several times. It has cgi more than real buns.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Myler Bit

I ordered this yesterday.

I got a French link Liverpool and a nylon mullen mouth butterfly bit. Janow hates both of those. Now I will try this.
He has been going in a stainless steel hollow mouth french link snaffle for about 12 years now. The driving bits are A LOT HEAVIER!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yup, Janow is learning how to drive. I am ground driving him a lot, and longing in harness with blinders. We have 5 round pens at Indian Hill Ranch, so we move from roundpen to roundpen to prevent(sort of) boredom. He seems to be enjoying it.

One of the things that has to be important in my training is getting all the other horses at Indian Hill used to seeing the harness, and soon, the cart. I really don't want anyone to get scared or injured. It would be very sad. It could also spell the end of my driving on the property. Then I would have to trailer out, and find someone to go with me. There are over 200 horses at Indian Hill.

I am only riding him at the walk and it seems to help. I have pretty limited ability with my lumbar spine fused, especially to take on his shenanigans. When he is ready for trot or canter, he likes to leap into the air and take a big buck. It seems that now when he knows it will only be walk, he doesn't bother. So I stick to walk. When he gets put to, he will be able to do lots of trot!

He has had weight in the traces and done very well, so he is ready to go to the trainer's in Knightsen: Roger Cleverly. It's an hour and 20 min drive. I pass many McDonalds and many Starbucks on my way there and back. My husband has to work on my trailer first. I can no longer lift the ramp, so he has to remove it, add a bumper, and re-enforce the doors.

In the meantime, I am getting more experience driving Nutmeg and Indie. I haven't driven Spunky in a while. Roger bought him to be a school pony, but he has turned out to be a top Combined Driving competitor! Go Spunk!

I had a lesson yesterday, working in the ring, on a cones course. I ran over a lot of cones!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

American Scurry Challenge

Sunday I went to watch the American Scurry Challenge at Sargent Equestrian Center in Lodi, CA.

It was fun and interesting to see draft horses and draft horse teams compete for time with ponies!

Arlene went with me and we had a great time. Indian Hill, where we both board, asked her to write it up for the newsletter and she used my snapshot. She used my picture because it is the only one that shows lots of turnouts. Roger is using it for Northern California Driving Club newsletter also, because it shows how anyone, draft or pony or pair, can compete.

It was the only picture I took. More is not always better.
Roger says I am ready to compete at this with Indie or Nutmeg, but I want to drive Janow! He is ready to be put to. I just have to light a fire under Dave to do the work on my trailer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Bunday

Today I have put this sweathsirt up on ebay. It's a large. Part of the sale will automatcially go to Rabbit haven rescue in Santa Ynez, CA


They have recently had many many (cute, dwarf, blue eyed) buns surrendered by a breeder who got in too deep.
They also just completed a major rescue from a backyard. Lots of those buns had vet bills.
Now, they would LOVE to place a bun or pair in a good forever home, but they need foster homes as well. Plus stuff, lots of stuff.

They are:The rabbit Haven.

Elvis Parsley is just one bun waiting.......

Sing it, Steve!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tower 13

I helped Dave put siding on the tower at the Possum Lodge

The Boy Scouts at Crater Lake.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trace Weight, Orlando, Catalog

Janow has had weight in the traces two times now. The first time just a little for about 30 meters. The second time was after I let him think about it for a few days. It was a bit heavier a lot longer. Cathy and Lauren helped. Both times were non-events. He is ready to go to the trainers and pull the drag and a cart. Dave just has to get the ramp off my trailer and re-enforce the doors.

What else? Orlando Bun was sick, but seems to be getting better. We all thought he was headed for The Bridge. Who is Orlando? Not my rabbit, but a rabbit I know. They are so fragile, rabbits are.

That made me worry about Silver, who was not very enthusiastic for many of the foods she usually liked. Silver is a picky eater, as much as rabbits can be. But I worried. Not eating is deadly for a bun. If they don't eat, they go into gastric stasis and die. faster than starving to death. Overnight. Silver, it turns out, was a bit of loneliness and a lot of "I don't like my door open so much." She likes her BUNker but feels unsafe if the door is open and she can come and go as she pleases. I closed the door and she improved.

What else? Lots of ebay listings. Doublecatbatik items on ebay Since I write the html for my listings, that is a lot of work. These things are on ebay.
Creeping Violet

Perfect Circles



Blue Party

Mouse Pad

Stars and Ziggies

Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Bunday

I showed this to Silver. She went in her bunnel and won't come out.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Yesterday I went driving. It was fun. I met a VSE* mare named Lint.
I saw this paddock where the llamas had eaten the trees all up as high as they could reach.
I worked on the crane project but then my pen ran out of ink.
I finally looked at the saddle pad in progress. I was working on it a while ago and it suddenly looked like it was not going to work. I had put a lot of time into it and liked it. The thought of throwing it out because of my mistake was more than I could handle just then.
So I didn't work on it. Finally, realizing I had to figure it out, I looked again. It is fine. It was a brain fart that made it look weird.

*VSE-Very Small Equine, under 39 inches. Miniature horses are less then 38 inches. VSEs get an extra inch.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So Far......Is that all?

Who would have thought it would take until now to dye 12 sweathsirts?

All destined to be made Prim.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday Bunday

Today's Monday Bunday is by Silver Rabbit. For more of Silver's blog efforts, see


More like House-throwing-away!

I disapprove.