Saturday, July 31, 2010

Like a Peanut in a Shell

Janow is getting used to blinders. He is OK. The first time I ground drove him in blinders, I had Joseph walk in front so he had something to follow. He did OK.

I had so much fun in my lesson last Wednesday, I can't wait to get Janow put to.

The trailer needs work. Dave said he would remove the ramp and put a rubber bumper where the hinges are. The lower part of the doors needs to be reinforced too. The ramp closes over them now, but without the ramp, they need to be stronger.

I was going to take it for new tires this weekend, and maybe a wash at a fund raiser, but Dave took the truck to the Possum Lodge today.

Here are some pictures of dirt bike camp. Joseph had so much fun, he can't stop talking about it. I just listen. It's easy to do. Lots of Mom tasks are more difficult.

The big train ride to Scout camp in Oregon starts tonight. I got an email reminding everyone to bring a Hawaiian shirt. Joseph says it is optional, but I think maybe.....I should run to Wally World and see if I can get one. Gabriel Iglesias wears them!

He crashed four times, but didn't get hurt. He was wearing so much protective gear, he was like a peanut in a shell!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today is not Wednesday Anymore

Big Lots is on the destination list.

Here are some dirt bike pictures. I have to edit some for another day.
Packing for Boyscout Camp should begin.

Wednesday was a driving lesson, Nutmeg was great.

Yesterday was also the first day on lunging Janow in blinders. He was good. Tuesday I drove him in blinders for the first time. He was confused because he couldn't see. I had Joseph walk in front, so Janow was a lot better. He was relieved to have someone to follow.
The crane project is resurrected.

Thai chicken is planned for tonight, but it might turn out to be sandwiches.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More NH

Joseph went to Dirt Bike Camp last weekend. I took some pictures but they are still in the camera. I drove all the way up to Orland early Saturday morning, then all the way back down to Milpitas on Sunday evening. I was pooped. It was hot there, 104 on Saturday.

But, there are more NH pics! Of course!

We went to a farm that was once owned by Robert Frost. It was interesting.

Dave loves to turn the camera sideways. It makes an extra step for the editor.

We went for a walk along the famous Mending Wall. There were lots of bugs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Bunday

Thanks to Bunniez Hub Pages for photo and caption.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Shibori dyed wrap pants. In progress. They don't look much like pants.

Joseph's friends offered to shave his head for him. He said he had to ask his parents. His parents said yes, so he had to go through with it.

He arrived in NH looking like this.

Saves money on shampoo.

Playing ladderball with cousin Kevin and with me.

Spent most of the week working up the courage to touch a frog.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catch Up a Little, Maybe

Yesterday's Monday Bunday was nearly an embarrassment. I almost forgot. After the bun sketches, it felt too easy.

Today started this shibori tank. Yesterday I started dying these sweatshirts.

We came back from a week in New Hampshire a while ago. I never said we were going because there is too much concern for burglary if you publish the dates you are not at home on the Internet. So now we are back. Here are some highlights.

Dave took the pictures and, as you know, he takes a lot. He took some from the airplane window so we could remember how we felt after seven hours on a plane. You can see James Lick Observatory if you know where to look. That's what he wanted a picture of. I circled it for you. There are seven more of these shots, but I'm not making you look at them. I'm saving them for the slide show.

Here is Joseph on lake Pawtuckaway.

Dave and I had a paddle boat. Dave took pictures while I peddled.

Here is where they made me stay up past my bedtime.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Bunday


Thanks to Bunnies Hub Pages for the photo and caption.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mood Ring

This seems to go on and on. I have 4 more to do, then I can do something more fun!

I am doing the quilting on a saddlepad that is comming out fantastic!
I'd ppst pictures, but Dave has filled up the picture card. In order to take pictures myself, I'd have to deal with all of those first. I don't need a mood ring to know I am just not in the mood.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mucha and Silver

This is Mucha, an Icelandic pony. She is Janow's new neighbor. She's wearing Janow's fly mask from last year. I saved it, just in case. When Cherokee was sick, I gave it to him because he needed it. Mucha has it now. She has the same owner as Cherokee and had visited and stayed over in that spot before, so Janow knows her. She whinnies for Janow when he returns from his daily tasks. He mostly makes faces at her when he defends his food.

Silver, of course. Eating parsley in her bunker. She likes having her own space and stays in there a lot even if it is open and she could go out if she wanted. When she is out, she keeps one ear tuned to make sure no cats come in without her invitation.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Bunday

Rabbits are still hard.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Duct Tape, By Any Other Name, Would Be As Sticky

Diana posted a picture of a 'thing' she fixed with duct tape. I shared a picture of a use I have for duct tape. It inspired this post.

I use black duct tape under Janow's eyes to cut glare. He is white, his eyes are dark brown, the glare makes them water, the water draws flies. He wears a screen mask when he is in his stall that cuts down on the light, like sunglasses. I am afraid it impairs hs vision when under saddle so I add the tape. I let it fall off on it's own rather than yank it off every time. It lasts a couple of days.

I tape my foot with it. Athletic tape is too flimsy and I am well past orthotics. Athletic tape is underneath to protect my skin. Silver looks like she is investigating. She is really asking for petting.

Here is duct tape on Janow's hock. He has a sore from laying down. Every time he laid down again, he broke off the scab. I out a piece of duct tape over it for about a week and a half. It healed perfectly. This also works for sweet spots on the stomach. Keeps the flies from bothering it until it heals.

And finally, inspiration from Red Green:

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Instructions Are Usually Right

The instructions are usually right, with few exceptions. I'm really good at following instructions and even better at finding the ones that are usually right except in my case.

This fly bag is an example. This is the second fly bag.

Background: Paula Pullet is great for eating bugs. She really reduces the pests in our yard, including snails, earwigs, crickets, grasshoppers, silverfish, beetles..... But her poops draw flies which she can't catch.

SO I hung up a fly trap bag. The bags work by attracting flies that fly inside to lay eggs in the marvelous stink. They can't fly out and get stuck in the stink water and drown. The instructions say to hang low to the ground in the shade. I did that.

The flies flew in and could not get out. They flew around and around inside where they would eventually touch the water and get sucked in. Before that happened, Paula saw them.

Her beady yellow bird eyes must have made cartoon eye spirals when she saw the flies! She tried to catch them and pecked a hole in the plastic bag, letting all the stinky water run out. Ew.

This second bag is hung in the shade, but it is hung HIGH!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Bunday

I have some primitive sweatshirts featuring buns in progress.
The sweatshirts are in progress I mean. Not sweatshirts of "Buns in Progress."

They are Prim sweatshirts like this bird on a unicycle and this bird on a wire.

So.... I have been practicing sketching rabbits in order to get a better feel for how they look. It's one thing to look at them and think about how they look. It's another to actually create a representation.

I need more practice.

Birds are easier.