Saturday, July 31, 2010

Like a Peanut in a Shell

Janow is getting used to blinders. He is OK. The first time I ground drove him in blinders, I had Joseph walk in front so he had something to follow. He did OK.

I had so much fun in my lesson last Wednesday, I can't wait to get Janow put to.

The trailer needs work. Dave said he would remove the ramp and put a rubber bumper where the hinges are. The lower part of the doors needs to be reinforced too. The ramp closes over them now, but without the ramp, they need to be stronger.

I was going to take it for new tires this weekend, and maybe a wash at a fund raiser, but Dave took the truck to the Possum Lodge today.

Here are some pictures of dirt bike camp. Joseph had so much fun, he can't stop talking about it. I just listen. It's easy to do. Lots of Mom tasks are more difficult.

The big train ride to Scout camp in Oregon starts tonight. I got an email reminding everyone to bring a Hawaiian shirt. Joseph says it is optional, but I think maybe.....I should run to Wally World and see if I can get one. Gabriel Iglesias wears them!

He crashed four times, but didn't get hurt. He was wearing so much protective gear, he was like a peanut in a shell!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said... scary to watch your baby crashing and flying through the air. I hope he stays safe while he enjoys himself, too.

Janow looks amazing! Sounds like he's coming along nicely and you'll be out driving him soon.

Have fun!