Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mucha and Silver

This is Mucha, an Icelandic pony. She is Janow's new neighbor. She's wearing Janow's fly mask from last year. I saved it, just in case. When Cherokee was sick, I gave it to him because he needed it. Mucha has it now. She has the same owner as Cherokee and had visited and stayed over in that spot before, so Janow knows her. She whinnies for Janow when he returns from his daily tasks. He mostly makes faces at her when he defends his food.

Silver, of course. Eating parsley in her bunker. She likes having her own space and stays in there a lot even if it is open and she could go out if she wanted. When she is out, she keeps one ear tuned to make sure no cats come in without her invitation.


Breathe said...

It's best to keep an ear out. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mucha is cute. Nice to have a cute neighbor for Janow, eh? hehe!

Awwww. I remember feeding my bun buns parsley. Silver is adorable!