Friday, July 09, 2010

Duct Tape, By Any Other Name, Would Be As Sticky

Diana posted a picture of a 'thing' she fixed with duct tape. I shared a picture of a use I have for duct tape. It inspired this post.

I use black duct tape under Janow's eyes to cut glare. He is white, his eyes are dark brown, the glare makes them water, the water draws flies. He wears a screen mask when he is in his stall that cuts down on the light, like sunglasses. I am afraid it impairs hs vision when under saddle so I add the tape. I let it fall off on it's own rather than yank it off every time. It lasts a couple of days.

I tape my foot with it. Athletic tape is too flimsy and I am well past orthotics. Athletic tape is underneath to protect my skin. Silver looks like she is investigating. She is really asking for petting.

Here is duct tape on Janow's hock. He has a sore from laying down. Every time he laid down again, he broke off the scab. I out a piece of duct tape over it for about a week and a half. It healed perfectly. This also works for sweet spots on the stomach. Keeps the flies from bothering it until it heals.

And finally, inspiration from Red Green:


Breathe said...

I thought Janow was going to play football or something. LOL

How do you tape your foot? does it support your arch?

Cara said...

Breathe, the tape supports my arch. The podiatrist (3rd one) showed me how to do it. He used Johnson & Johnson first aid tape in 1 inch and 2 inch widths, which I cannot find and would have to order by the case. It is better than orthotics.