Friday, May 28, 2010

Circle Song

Janow's girth bites are terrible today, more than yesterday. Oozy, hot, puffy, itchy. Madeningly itchy. Snob Hill market had cortisone cream on sale, 2 for $4. I bought a bunch.

I longed him today since I can't ride him. I will not put a girth over those bites! He went slogging sround, less than spirited. I sang him songs. He listened without critisizing. I sang Bicyle Built for Two, She'll be Commin' 'Round the Mountain, and I've Been Workin' on the Railroad. I changed the lyrics to I've Been Working on the Railroad for him:

I'm so bored from doing circles
All the live long day.
I'm so bored from doing circles
as my life dribbles away.

Can't I do a serpentine or
halt at X proceed?
Can't I go out on a trail ride
and spook at things I see?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Bites, More Rain

It rained again today. It's not supposed to rain here(San Fransisco South Bay Area, CA) in May. I thought there was a rule.

The stirrups turned out not to be the kind I really needed after all. So it's OK.

Janow got more bites! His whole sturnum area is covered with swolen oozy bumps. I have increased his antihistamine to max dose two times a day. He wants me to scratch them, but I don't want to make them itch more. Since they are under the girth, I am not riding.

I asm still having problems with my laptop. I should be started on the solution to this one by tonight.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It was OK

We had our tack swap last weekend. Tack Swap Day is usually a warm sunny but sometimes windy. This time it was overcast and cold and the wind was cold. I shivered for three hours. I sold some stuff and bought some really nice hind boots with two Velcro straps. I can put them on with less bending.

There were some safety stirrups which I wanted but did not buy. The kind with hinges. I regret it. I am trying to find the person to buy them from her. At 150.00, they were out of impulse buy range.

The decision to sell my show clothes was a big one. They didn't sell, of course. They were also priced out of impulse buy range. But people know I have them and they have seen them. I think I could make this decision because I am enjoying driving, so I don't feel that the loss of dressage and the limitation of riding is like death.
Today it the second day of having a sick kid home from school. Ew.

And I feel a little headachy, so I took a Neurontin. Now my space/time is feeling screwy.

My computer is up and running now, but I have to download HTML-Kit again and do that first. Boring.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Chickens and Bird Brains

What a day! Planned for May when it is sure to be warm but possibly windy, it was not warm and it was windy! I think I burned a week's worth of calories just shivering. I came out $36 and a pair of hind brush boots ahead of the game.

Janow didn't need brush boots when he was young. Now he needs them. His attitude improved with brush boots behind. Now that he knows about them, his attitude without them becomes impossible. He is no spring chicken, but he's not a bird brain either.

Yesterday Dave had the car and we had moved my saddle from the *trunk to the garage. I took the truck to the barn and forgot my saddle. Not wanting to go back home and get it, I settled for a thourogh grooming followed by all the massage techniques I have studied so far. Then a walk on the longe line and some trot. Since I have been learning and practicing my massage techniques, Janow has become more and more enthusiastic at greeting my arrival. I guess he likes it. He seems to sleep through most of it.

Money Bags has aggreed to one of the anti-virus softwares that I proposed. Now only implementation needs to happen.

Now, after spending 4 hours shivering, I have turned up the spa and am waiting for it to heat to 100 degrees..........

*The tack storage I have at Indian Hill gets too hot in summer to store leather, my saddle stays in the trunk where it is cooler, but not in the truck cab.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Smiling Animals

I added the widget of smiling animal pictures that you see on the right. Unfortunately, it comes with ads. I will probably take it out soon. Well, I will take it out, probably soon. No promises.

Task for the day: IdiotsTrafficSchool-dot-com. That is because I got a speeding ticket in Byron. Where is Byron? I think it's the Gas Station/Quicky Mart between the two stoplights when you go from Mountain House Parkway to HWY 4. Twenty years in Milpitas, notorius for speeding tickets, and I get a ticket. Not in Milpitas, in BYRON!

So, I have completed the registration for online traffic school and the screen says:

I hope it's all that easy.
OK! OK! I wanted easy, not inane. So, at the end of chapter one, there are questions on the material in chapter one. Like this:

2. In Chapter 1 the topic "Classes of Licenses" has a picture of a _______next to it.
A a blue bus
B a red bus
C a yellow bus
D a green bus
E none of the above

This is not hard, unless, maybe, you were expecting pertinant questions.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life Has Things In It.

"Life has things in it."
This is a Barbi Breen-Gurley quote. She said this when Frix was pretending to be scared as an evasion. Frix had a lot of evasions. We found out why later.

One of the things in my life was a 13 year old who snuck onto my computer and found it wasn't password locked. So he want to MySpace. Going to MySpace is forbidden. Going to MySpace is like sharing a hypodermic needle with all the homeless people in San Francisco. He got a virus. The laptop crashed. "Does this mean I'm on computer restriction?" he asked.
I replied: "Do you mean you can't use the computer? Of course you can't use the computer. I can't use it, Dad can't use it, you can't use it. It's broken."
"But Mr. S put the homework questions online."

Cheap(free) anti virus doodad does not help. I think we need the kind you have to pay for. Money Bags has a hard time with this. I have reviewed many and read up on consumer report stuff and have suggested two. It will happen, but not soon. In the meantime, the computer with my pictures and photoshop and html editor is working but not going on the net.

I started physical therapy Friday. I don't know if it will help or if this is a good place. So many PTs have dropped my insurance because they cut the payout for PT by 35%.

I got a book on horse massage for Mother's day. I am practicing on Janow. He doesn't have any problems with it except, maybe, I read too slow.

Work on Fire Lookout Tower 13 is proceeding. Pictures one day, but computer power is limited still. Waiting on the anti virus doodad.

Silver had been moved into a new rabbitat. She likes it. It is roomier. I put the new water bowl and the new bigger litter basket and the new rug out in the family room first so she could investigate each one. Then I leaned the folded up rabbitat against the sofa for investigation. Then I set up the new 'tat around the old 'tat and opened the door so she could go out of the old into the new. She went in and out a lot. I waited for her to move out of the old, but after three days I gave up waiting and took the old out. She was very distressed and thumped the floor. I put the old standby bunnel in the 'tat and let her get used to it. She did. She likes the new 'tat.

I have ordered a treat ball and two Oxbow Timothy Hay Bungalows. They should come by Wednesday.

The Indian Hill tack swap is next Saturday. I am deciding if I should sell my dressage coat and boots. I'll never be able to use them again. Maybe I should offer some of the bit collection too. I need to get a carriage house. I will see if I can get a good set of brush boots and a folding saddle rack.