Monday, January 19, 2009


I have received the Lemonade Award for cheerfull blogging from Horse and a Half's Onthebit! Thank you!

One of the privilidges of this award is passing it on to ten more bloggers! I may not be able to get to ten of them today........It's hard, we all read each others blogs......I have to pick ten who havenot recived it yet!

Lauging Orca Ranch for moving forward in spite of the ejection seat.

Ramses at Ramses Meowings for dilligent posting from across the pond, in spite of Tigmutep trying in vain for center stage and Isis's catlets.

Rabbit's Guy at House of Rabbits even if his last blog was NOT about rabbits, it was about letterboxing that someone else has written about but never EXPLAINED! Thanks for the explanation Rabbit's Guy.

Bai Bai at Hamsterific blog who is always happy and cheerfull and plays a mean game of hide and seek.

Miss Eve at Bunnies Needles and Books for welcoming Bing into the warren.

Enough for now!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

buried treasure

A place in the mountains with a history......A metal detector.....

Both Dave and Joseph got metal detectors for Christmas. Dave got his from Mom and Dad, Joseph got his from his Auntie Moe and Uncle Jeff. They didn't communicate or coordinate, each came up with the same idea independently and selected identical metal detectors. Great minds think alike.

The next trip to Mt Hamilton included metal detectors.

They found evidence of target practice. Using many different guns. These were all found very close to each other.

The dime in the photo was minted in 1964, but you still see some of those in circulation, so it only means it wasn't lost before 1964.

Since 1964 is the year of Dave's birth, I can tease him and say he has been lost since 1964!

They also found some very old square nails and a piece of metal of unknown function. The treasure they found was a fun day.

Joseph wants to take his to the stable next. To find spare change that falls out of people's pockets when they are mounting. As if people who own horses have any spare change left!

Monday, January 05, 2009

post holiday post


The Holidays were fun, but after is hard. Inside too long, eating junk, wiped out from the frenzy, can't think of anything you want to have or do, outside is grey. Now that is over too and I'm ready for real life to resume.

This is Joseph. We had a good laugh messing up the picture with photoshop. He wanted a bean bag and I made this the day before. It wasn't as big as I wanted. I have since added more fabric and faux beans and it is better. Joseph liked it how it was and didnt want me to change it, but I did anyway and now he likes it more. Dave couldn't believe I made it in one day.

Whiskers liked it too.

I have marked even more things down on my wevsite and my ETSY store. This year I am satisfied with the work I am producing and I need to create a more uniform appearnce. Thses things have to go. If you are interested, the links are on the sidebar. You're probably not and that's fine.