Wednesday, January 07, 2009

buried treasure

A place in the mountains with a history......A metal detector.....

Both Dave and Joseph got metal detectors for Christmas. Dave got his from Mom and Dad, Joseph got his from his Auntie Moe and Uncle Jeff. They didn't communicate or coordinate, each came up with the same idea independently and selected identical metal detectors. Great minds think alike.

The next trip to Mt Hamilton included metal detectors.

They found evidence of target practice. Using many different guns. These were all found very close to each other.

The dime in the photo was minted in 1964, but you still see some of those in circulation, so it only means it wasn't lost before 1964.

Since 1964 is the year of Dave's birth, I can tease him and say he has been lost since 1964!

They also found some very old square nails and a piece of metal of unknown function. The treasure they found was a fun day.

Joseph wants to take his to the stable next. To find spare change that falls out of people's pockets when they are mounting. As if people who own horses have any spare change left!


OnTheBit said...

haha...tell you son that looking for money at a barn is like trying to find atlantis...if we wanted to have money we wouldn't HAVE horses! Hasn't he ever heard of horse poor?

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think the only metal he may come up with at the barn is horse shoe nails. It's a nice hobby, hope he finds the big treasure some day.(But don't look for it at the barn)!

Melanie said...

Metal detectors are fun, aren't they?? You just never know what you will find. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What fun hunting for interesting objects.
Spare change? never. And never when riding.
What am I gonna do ride up to Walmart to go on a shopping trip?

~aka Rapunzle

allhorsestuff said...

Check that out!

Gail said...

What wonderful gifts!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

My neighbors found a hundred year old quarter out in their back yard several years ago. From the lay of the land, we think there was an old road running across the land.

BerryPatch said...

Hey girl! Long time no hear from anyone! Took me an hour but finally found some of the blogs. Seems everyone is still producing except me. Hopefully I will get it together before long. Deb