Sunday, December 18, 2016

Double Potluck Weekend.

The proliferation of potlucks is another thing about the holiday season that I dont like. This weekend...two.

Today is the Rabbit Haven shelter rabbit gift bag party. That one is OK. I guess. We are putting together gift bags for the rabbits in the local animal shelters. The different kinds of hay, a toy, a Mrs. Pastures cookie, get packaged into paper bags ties with non toxic raffia. The rabbits get to tear open the bag themselves. The hardest part of this is that it is in Soquel and will take me maybe two hours to get to, maybe only an hour and a half. Its the weekend in winter, during Christmas shopping season, and my route takes me through San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, then on 17 through the Santa Cruz mountains.

Yesterday, I didn't get home until after dark because after the Milpitas potluck, I had to drive to San Martin to get hay. I didnt get the ponies out, and I wont today either. The day before that, it rained. and the day before that. I gave them some sweetwater and they liked it. (1C rice bran in 1 gal water, good for keeping hydrated when the water is cold and they may not drink enough)

I also gave them some applesauce in an old supplement tube. Yndi had been a terrible patient, and getting any oral med, dewormer, Dermosedan, etc, into her is a 15 minute rodeo and kind of dangerous. So I began giving her applesauce in a tube. She is changing her mind about tubes. The first time was a surprise. She looked like this:

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Welcome December, Maybe

Here it is, December already. The whole summer/fall has been a flurry of activity, building the barn and fence for the ponies, moving into the new house, and now Christmas coming.

In general, I like living far away and the solitude. But the short winter days always get to me, and the the holidays mess up my routine. Parties are really hard. I'm OK with one or two people, but parties, no thanks.

Having the mares cohabit changes my relati ok nship considerably. Yndi became very herd bound and dangerous to drive, and Pepper became less predictable. I finally just sis a bunch of short circle work sessions with Yndi and she got better. When Yndi got better, Pepper got better.

  • I want to go to Merrie''s for lessons, but between all the other crap, it won't fit in. So I'm not driving at all.

I have taken some pictures though