Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Scroll down, in the left colum is a picture of a girl reading a book, click on A to Z Home's Cool.
Ann also gave me great advice on web hosting and getting my website together. She told me I Could learn HTML, and she was right!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Our Neighbors

Our neighbors brought a bag of treats on Thanksgiving. They are very nice people. They are from China. Their son owns the house. It was a rental until he flew them here. They don't speak English, but they try. We exchange treats and smiles. I gave them watermelon last summer. They don't drive, but walk to the market every day. There is a reason you don't see 70 year old people walking down the sidewalk carrying watermelons.

The bag they brought on Thanksgiving had a huge chocolate bar in it. When you are 9, just possessing a bar this size is a big deal. Eating a bar this size is something else entirely. If more 9 year olds ate bars this size, you would see them doing things like carrying watermelons down the sidewalk. On this occasion, there was a camera involved.

First, he took a picture of himself.

Then he took a picture of me....

......and a machine gun he played with for hours.

Homer and Bart from Golfland Arcade.

Here is some tile in the bathroom.

This is the heat vent in his room. Too bad watermelon is not in season.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Try this place for a coat. You'll have to select your language and currency once you get there.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Another Work In Progress.
It's not a turkey.

I have begun discussions with another small enterprise. There may be a merger. The joint projects will be equestrian oriented.

Also, there is an opportunity to purchase an industrial sewing machine. I can't do it unless I sell a major quilt.

I have begun to attach PayPal shopping cart to DoubleCatBatik.com. It seems complicated right now, but I need to do it.

The more I work on html, the faster it goes, but the improvement seems to happen slowly. I just have to perservere. It would be to easy to let operational expenses exceed income, very easy. It is a slow process. It is a lifelong conditioning that tells me I must hit the ground running, that there is no middle ground between immediate total success and abject failure.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Turkey

They were here today.

currently in progress

This is what I am working on now.

Hope the weather holds up!

I had another one, but the blog site doesn't want to upload another today. Whatever.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Design Wall

This is what's on my design wall right now. These are all five inches square.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wacky Friday

Here is a preveiw of the item I am putting on eBay for Folk-of-Art's Wacky Friday. It's called "Waiting, on Christmas" and it's 17"x15"

To see more Wacky Friday items for other Folk-of-Art Friends, search FOAF on eBay. But wait 'til the end of Friday, as least.

I put a Wacky Friday link on my blog. It's over there, on the right.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dad's List

As you may know, Joseph keeps a food list. It can have only three things he will not eat. If I serve something on the list, he gets to eat something else for dinner. If it's not on the list and I serve it, he can eat it or not, but he doesn't get anything else. Any changes to the list go into effect the next day.
He came into the kitchen to check on the acceptability of the food I was cooking.
So, he asked "Does it have tomatoes in it?"
"Not yet. Are tomatoes on your list?"
"There, now it has tomatoes."

But he didn't know what thing to take off to put tomatoes on. He solved that one by making a list for Dave.

Dave saw his list a couple days later. "Is this his way of extending his list?"

You'll notice, this list has a couple of Dave's favorite foods!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Unwilling Model

Janow was an unwilling model for this quarter sheet. He thought he was done and was going to get his beet pulp. Then he had to model this, and it was way too big! He doesnt like to be reminded that he is 14.2 hands tall. But....I needed the picture to put on my web site and he was available. www.doublecatbatik.com

Jennifer helped hold him for one of the pictures. It was easy unitl he determined that she had nothing to eat.

It's a nice quarter sheet, cotton fabric quilted onto fleece with a keyhole cutout. But, Janow is not in hard training and gets to be ridden mid morning instead of evening, so he gets to keep some hair and doesn't need blankets. It's good, because I made this to sell. He's grown so much hair he reminds of cave paintings or Przwalski's horse. (I didn't look up that word or run it through spell check, and I know how to pronounce it!)

I have spent 9 hours on my website so far this weekend. My brain is fried. But it's new and improved. I added button for Folk-of-Art and FOA auctions, and my blog, and my eBay About Me page. I still have to update two more pages.

Yesterday, Karen was walking Cassy and I was walking Janow. Janow gave Cassy dirty looks. He is the Master of Dirty Looks! Karen called him my Noble Steed Grump and told him he should be nice to Cassy because she(Karen) was bigger than his mother(me). I told her she was only bigger until she breathed out, meaning that she was full of hot air. She didn't get it(I don't think).

Today I am taking Joseph to see Chicken Little. Even if it's not great, the company is great.