Monday, November 28, 2005

Our Neighbors

Our neighbors brought a bag of treats on Thanksgiving. They are very nice people. They are from China. Their son owns the house. It was a rental until he flew them here. They don't speak English, but they try. We exchange treats and smiles. I gave them watermelon last summer. They don't drive, but walk to the market every day. There is a reason you don't see 70 year old people walking down the sidewalk carrying watermelons.

The bag they brought on Thanksgiving had a huge chocolate bar in it. When you are 9, just possessing a bar this size is a big deal. Eating a bar this size is something else entirely. If more 9 year olds ate bars this size, you would see them doing things like carrying watermelons down the sidewalk. On this occasion, there was a camera involved.

First, he took a picture of himself.

Then he took a picture of me....

......and a machine gun he played with for hours.

Homer and Bart from Golfland Arcade.

Here is some tile in the bathroom.

This is the heat vent in his room. Too bad watermelon is not in season.

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