Sunday, November 06, 2005

Unwilling Model

Janow was an unwilling model for this quarter sheet. He thought he was done and was going to get his beet pulp. Then he had to model this, and it was way too big! He doesnt like to be reminded that he is 14.2 hands tall. But....I needed the picture to put on my web site and he was available.

Jennifer helped hold him for one of the pictures. It was easy unitl he determined that she had nothing to eat.

It's a nice quarter sheet, cotton fabric quilted onto fleece with a keyhole cutout. But, Janow is not in hard training and gets to be ridden mid morning instead of evening, so he gets to keep some hair and doesn't need blankets. It's good, because I made this to sell. He's grown so much hair he reminds of cave paintings or Przwalski's horse. (I didn't look up that word or run it through spell check, and I know how to pronounce it!)

I have spent 9 hours on my website so far this weekend. My brain is fried. But it's new and improved. I added button for Folk-of-Art and FOA auctions, and my blog, and my eBay About Me page. I still have to update two more pages.

Yesterday, Karen was walking Cassy and I was walking Janow. Janow gave Cassy dirty looks. He is the Master of Dirty Looks! Karen called him my Noble Steed Grump and told him he should be nice to Cassy because she(Karen) was bigger than his mother(me). I told her she was only bigger until she breathed out, meaning that she was full of hot air. She didn't get it(I don't think).

Today I am taking Joseph to see Chicken Little. Even if it's not great, the company is great.

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