Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Carriages and Ulcers

I have been shopping for a carriage. Its not easy. The east coast has so many more carriages, new and used. The west coast, not so much. Surprising, a little, because there are so many driving events around Sacramento. I almost bough a Polish off-brand in VA, but it seemed more for minis ans small ponies. The seller said it was for medium to small ponies, but I think she confused VSEs with small ponies and, hence, small ponies with medium ponies. There is not much out there for medium ponies. Go too small and you cant see over the pony butts, too large and it gets to be too heavy.

I have a lead on a Hardwicke Puddle Jumper in Grass Valley, but the trainer that is helping them sell it is competing in Florida this winter. There is a three hour time gap that makes everything feel very strange. Then there is a Hans Meier that would need shipping from the east coast. But the price is very good. With either of these, if they turn out to be wring for me, I could flip them. I am almost afraid to check my email this morning.

Pepper is nearly done with her ulcer treatment program. She is having a little of her old unsoundness going on, I am not sure what to do. I signed her up for the chiropractor. Both girls need their annual dentistry.

Pepper is doing pretty well in long lining and ground driving. She can do leg yields and rollbacks. Now I am just putting miles on in ground driving. She is not very good at compliance in turns. Practice practice practice. My feet hurt. I am hoping to get my little Ballerina Girl hooked by Friday.

Monday, August 18, 2014

No Ponies

No ponies yesterday. I drove to Watsonville to help the Rabbit Haven rescue with a mass spay neuter clinic.  Rabbits are a bit different from cats and dogs. You can't put them in a holding cage to wake up while you just keep an eye on them. Bunnies need to be armed and massaged, while their body temp is closely monitored. It is more common for them to go into shock and die, or just have such a hard time waking up that they stop breathing. Each rabbit had a team of two people to help them come to. It takes a half an hour or more before they could go into a pen and be watched by another team. We did over 20 bunnies yesterday.

Here is a photo of my two buns, Silver and Pierre.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My last post had Pepper pictures. Today; Yndi pictures!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Success! with Photos

Absence has caused my password to be forgotten. This has been complicated by having this blog linked to an email address that I haven't used in so long that I have forgotten the password to that too. Cheese Louise!

Lots has happened. The passing of persons who were so intrusive that I didn't want them to know what was going on. Presence of others who might be offended by my problems, thinking I was insulting them.

But, I won a free photo session from a pet photographer, three subjects of my choosing. Of course, I chose Yndi and Pepper Lee, my tow Gotland mares, and myself. I got one print included in my prize, and I chose to have many photos put into a bound book, pretty nice. Thanks PawPawrazzi and AnnMary.

These photos are electronic files with the photographer's mark. All the other ones are in my book.

Pepper Lee is chocolate brown, nine years old, and stands 12.1 hands.

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Bathroom

We are building a new bathroom. We need it in our new house.

Living room

We are actually pretty close to the end of the project. It has taken years. The longest time was getting the permit from Santa Clara County. Nothing like working with a government employee who is making it difficult for you just because they can. Most are not like that, but we had one who was.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Far away

hi again. I have been far away in mind if not in body. The latest is that I put my computer away for Christmas house guests. I wanted to be able to use the dining table!n Then....rabbits ate the cord and I had to order a new one. and wow, I was out fo the habit of being on the computer and I didn't want to go near it! Maybe I am getting over it and  maybe not.

Yesterday though, I had a great time at the Bunny Bee sewing stuff for The Rabbit Haven Rescue. I haven't sewn in years, really, and I forgot how much I liked it.

Ever Since my Father had surgery in December 2010 and Janow's illness and death, the acquisition of Maggie and her colic and surgery and then death, the purchase of Yndi sight unseen from the internet and her problems and rehab and training, the death of my mother, followed by the death of my mother in law 6 weeks later and all the funeral stuff..... Plus Lydia the dog came to our house and is wonderful.

Four years of loss. I can continue with my life, these are normal things. It's been a hard four years, but basically, I am happy. A good Husband in Dave. A son that appears to be growing into a functional adult much of the time. Pepper Lee and Yndi, the wonder ponies. Silver and Pierre, bunnies supreme. Whiskers the kitty and maybe Mary Shelley who is still a little strange. Wow.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kokovoko Pepper Lee

I have not posted in a long long time. There is a reason for this, but I won't trouble you with that. But know now: Kokovoko Pepper Lee has joined Skansend Yndi at Indian Hill Ranch. Here she is:
I wrote this for the Indian Hills Ranch newsletter.
Welcome Pepper Lee
She’s here! Pepper Lee joins Yndi the driving pony on the back lane. She came all the way from Kentucky to get here. She is a Gotland pony, just like Yndi, and she likes people and being scratched on her neck.
She and Yndi got things sorted out right away, with only a hairy eyeball and a wrinkled nostril. Now they can be seen together, standing around the water cooler, passing the time.
It’s taking me a little longer to sort things out with her. We didn’t seem to be speaking the same language. I tried watching the show Justified, about the US Marshall in Kentucky, but then I found out that it’s shot in southern California by a bunch of posers with fake Kentucky accents. No wonder it didn't help.
Amber Lydic is helping us develop our communication.
Pepper is already trained to drive, and will, one day, go in a pair with Yndi, but I want to develop our relationship before I get her hooked up. The relationship with a horse is the best part.

Is she cute or what?