Friday, April 22, 2016

Practice The Little Things and RMU

Yesterday, I took Yndi for a trailer ride to Ed Levin Park. Its about a mile down the road from Indian Hill ranch, so it's a good trip just to go somewhere and practice being away from Pepper and get calmer.

She had some very runny poops, and we did some circle work to try to calm her down and get her respect. I think we made progress.

I took her home again, and loaded Pepper in the trailer. She practiced being alone in the park. She did better than Yndi.

We left a lot of groomed off shed for the birds to make nests with.

Home again and in time to lurk a Rich Mom University live Facebook help session. It was farther along in the modules than I am yet, but I brainstormed a lot and I believe it was helpful.

My big launch is set for the first day of Daylight Savings Time, March 2017. After the big move is over and I have a chance to make many saddle pads.

I have to change my name to something specifically equestrian.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Driving Camp

I took Pepper and Yndi to Arbuckle, CA to have lessons with Merrie Morgan at Red on Right Ranch. Four days. We walked. Merrie drove Pepper at Trot because she wouldn't walk one day, and she drove Yndi for a nice trot, but I walked. Trying to get a left bend and a 40 meter circle to the left without going into the Spiral of Death.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

All the Stuff

Many things happening in preparation for going to Merrie Morgan's for training and getting the house ready to sell and the final touches on the Kincaid farmhouse.

I planted peas and beans and sunflowers and carrots and they started to come up and got eaten. So I git veggie garden insecticide and bought some bean plants and some corn plants already started and put those in. I planted tomatoes too, but left a lot of poppies in because I like the carpenter bees and the carpenter bees like the poppies. I really want to have a decent garden out there when they show the house for sale. (not my picture)

Pepper got a tick on her neck. I got it out, but it itched, so she rolled. The place she rolled seems to have a sand spider and the spider gets irritated and bites her. The spider bites itch and she rolls and get more bites. I remember Janow had these on his dock and I used premise spray all over the ground in his paddock and they stopped. I ordered some repellent granules, but I sprayed some of the garden bug spray where she rolls because it might work.

I helped a rabbit on Wednesday. Amanda was adopted at the FOLT fair as a bond mate for a family's current bun. When the foster mom came to pick her up at the end of the show, she cried because she didn't think Amanda would be adopted. The bond looked good, but when Amanda went to her new home, she became depressed because she had bonded to her foster mom. When she became depressed, the family's rabbit turned on her and the bond was no longer a possibility. I agreed to pick up Amanda from her adopter in Sunnyvale and transport her to her foster mom in Vacaville. Its quite a drive.

Adrienne and I are getting ready for our 4 day training trip to Arbuckle.

We also went on a drive along the county road. We were going to Harry's on Thursday and the county road on Friday. I invited Francois to come too, and planed on taking both ponies and two carts. Harry had to reschedule for Friday built I had already extended my invitation to Francois and having three ponies and carts to Harry's would have made it to hard for Adrienne to get to work on time. So we just continued with he county road plan. Then, in the Friday rain, Francois told me he had a meeting and couldn't come. So I just loaded Pepper and started out. As I went out, Francois came in, the meeting was short and the major itinerary was moved to a different date. So he came with us, but just with Pepper.

Neither Pepper nor Twist was having a great day,but we pulled it off and did about 6 miles. We passed a golf course. The golfers did not expect to see pony carts. They watched us like this:
(not my picture either)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rich Mom University

Here are some rabbit pictures. I ran out of greens the night before, so they had roses for dinner. the next morning, they were expecting roses for breakfast!

Such a rainy year! Yesterday it was supposed to rain, but it didn't look like it. I rooted around home looking for my notebook. My searching-for-lost-things method it s to clean as I go, because it there wasn't such a mess, I'd find it sooner. I never found it but did find a  lot of other things, mostly to throw away. The garden bed where I wanted to plant herbs was almost ready so I finished that. The morning yard work is an important ritual for Lydia.

I got the to barn later than usual, gave the ulcer snack and got Yndi out. by then, it looked kind of weathery. It started to rain half way to the round pen and I gave up in disgust and took her back to her stall. I gave both mares a wad of hay and went to Burger King to organize some of the bits of papers I found while cleaning. An Jan for alfalfa pellets(they didn't have any), a new scratcher for Whiskers, and a new retractable leash because the old one wont retract. Orchard Supply to buy some herbs for the garden bed. Then came home.

It stopped raining. Lydia and I got the herbs planted, the recycling can ready, cleaned the bunker.....stuff. It was the last day to join Rich Mom University and its expensive so I could decide. I finally joined with only 2 hours of availability left.

Weird day.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pony bites and RMU

I've had my finger nipped again. Crew blood. Pepper nips at me a lot, but rarely makes contact, I have to be more proactive at correcting this.

I'm seriously considering joining Rich Mom University held by Renae Christine.
I seriously cannot consider make anything to sell on etsy until after the move to the house on the mountain, This gives me the time to absorb the infor and formulate a better plan. So far, I have been using something she calls "Hope Marketing."

Yesterday we went to Livermore to look at modular barns. That place had some cheapo stuff. Dave thought it was good but I hated it. Then we came back and picked up Lydia before heading down to San Maritn to see a schooling horse show that had two driving classed right after lunch, There were no driving entries and the classes were cancelled.  I could have handled it with Yndi or Pepper, the footling was not too deep and there was plenty of room in the parking lot to hook.

Then on down to 101 trailer sales in  Frutivale. They were closed. We saw the structures in the yard, but were not super impressed.

At home, (we both crashed for HOURS!) we dew up plans and discussed datails and prepared drawings to send to the manufacturer of Noble Barns.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Five Day Art Challenge

Five Day Art Challenge Day 5. Yes, I know, it was supposed to be yesterday, but I Had to look for the piece I wanted to post. I found it, along with this from 1977. I decided to post this instead.Karen Lynn Wheeler is nominated to post her art for 5 days and nominate another artist each day.

Five Day Art Challenge Day Five, almost

It would have been yesterday but I sent a lot of time at the barn driving with Francois. I wanted to find the charcoal portrait I did of General Sheridan for the 11th grade US History report. I never got the chance because we were out of cheese for the nacho salad I wanted to make for dinner and the chicken fingers with Mac n cheese I wanted to make today. I started turning the soil on the garden bed where I want to plant herbs. Then Joseph became argumentative and shouted, so I just locked myself in my room. Instead, I'll show you Carl, the Capuchin With Biscotti that Facebook reminded me of. He went to California Sate Fair Bigfun and won a prize in the handmade doll category.

Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook

Day four fell on a Thursday so I did a Thursday Throwback and put this batik I did at Santa Rita High under Ms. Watson in 1978. The photo was hard to get with my ipod touch, the glass of the frame wanted to reflect everything.
It got to be displayed in the Admin building where someone stuck a knife in it. It was stored in a closet until I went away to college. Kind of ironic that my art was never valued much at home until I went away to study science like a good little girl.
I nominated Liz Drachnik, a border at Indian Hill who does these really cool pet portraits.

Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook Day 3

Here is my day three offering. Its a batik on cotton that I like and hangs in my living room. It went to California State Fair BigFun and won a blue. Someone wanted t buy it but when I told them it was $240.00, he didn't even bother to tell me "no thanks." What do you expect? It's not a Justin Bieber poster from Wal Mart.
I nominated  Mary Beth Mattis who makes primitive dolls. I met her in an online prim art group before facebook. she turned out to live just up the interstate in Pleasanton.

Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook Day 2

This was on Day 2. I nominated Kathie Schulz who does needle felting and makes mohair cinches.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook Day 1

Diana Moll nominated me to the 5 day art challenge on Facebook. I posted this quilt. Then I named quilter Pam Giffin-Bees.