Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bunnyfest 2016

Bunnyfest is today in San Jose. I'm there all day at the bunny park, helping people and bunnies who come to play.

I hope to stop by Indian Hill before I go, to give Yndi and Pepper their ulcer snacks. Peppers cod liver oil is ready to go I'll give it a try. Its high in Vitamins D and K, and should help her if she eats it. Her Kentucky Performance Products supplement isn't here yet. I am hoping that I can help her lack of resiliency with fat soluble vitamins.

Loved on Pierre and Kasey, but they didn't get their play time out this it isn't the same.
Woke up af 230 getting a headache so I've been up since, but beat my headache. So...I'm wondering what will be for dinner tonight? Cooking will be beyond me.

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