Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Thinking Out Loud and Maybe Ranting a Bit(a Lot)

Pepper's foot soaking for the suspected abscess has stopped because the limping got better. Either it wasn't an abscess, of the abscess is resorbing. She gets some more time off  because it might help. It seems the real problem with Pepper is lack of resilience.

I have been ground driving Yndi and working on bending and leg yielding. Its hard. Yndi tries so hard and gets upset if she guesses wrong. She is so sensitive that I know  have to get better.

I want to make the time to go across the street and check on Adrienne and Twist. She learned some new things at Merrie's and I want t make sure she is clear about what she wants and where she is going.

Bunnyfest is Sunday. I volunteered all day and I have a sweatshirt and some collector plates to donate to the auction and bunny store. I can drop those off in Mountain View on my way to Woodside to watch Erika and Dom in the dressage show. I think its at the horse park, I have to make sure.

Dave called a halt to packing stuff up and taking it to the mountain. The empty spots in the Milpitas house were making him sad. Good reason. Right? I don't thing so. He packed up all my CDs under protest, in a fury to get stuff moved. Now, he doesn't wasn't to pack, so when we HAVE to, its going to be a huge job. So, I'm going to continue as I was. His fear of change is his fear, not mine. I will support him as we go through the change, but I'm not going to share his fear or cater to it too much. I know Dave, and the more I support his fear, the more he will be a victim of it. Jee. I have my own baggage.

I signed up for a free ten day Pinterest optimization course. Its a good thing it was free because, so far, it has been useless. The developer of the course is too specific in what you have to have first. Like a Wordpress blog instead of Blogger, and a website on WordPress not Wix or any other WYSIWYG.
For example, the first day was to pair your Pinterest account with your website. When I had difficulty, she sent me some 'more basic' instruction which was just a header: Pair your Pinterest with your Site, and the a paragraph listing the benefits. Jeez! Not HOW TO DO IT! There is a difference. So after three days and hours of failing on step two of day one. I decided to skip it and do the parts  could. Sadly, each day started off with something I could not do.


I don't know if I should buy my domain names yet. I can do it if I sell my 4 remaining saddle pads and clearance price. then I can pay for the next install of RMU.

Crap, So much to do. But hay, my sewing machines have been covered with building crap and my sewing room reeking of cat poop for YEARS! Dave won the battle of Emotional Availability and I can't do any sewing or art uninterrupted and I cant do it with constant interruptions. "Hi. Aren't you going to say Hi?" and"I need to ask you something." which is stalling while you think of a question to ask. And his cheapness is keeping me from buying a good(good!) self cleaning litterbox.

Maybe Kentucky Performance Product Vit E supplement, as advertised on The Stable Scoop Horse Radio Show, will help Pepper. Lauren has her colic prone mare on Fennel seed and says it helps her chronic diarrhea. Maybe that will help Pepper.

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