Friday, May 20, 2016

Razor Blades in my Boots

I bought new boots at Western Saddlery in Livermore. I listen to The Stable Scoop Radio Show podcast on the road. It was a wonderful trade off between the non supportive worn out boots that fit like bedroom slippers and the super supportive not-broken-in new boots.

I walked about 5 miles, round penning two ponies and the ground driving them. It felt like I had razor blades in my boots.

I round penned Pepper, but only for five minutes. She seemed sound. I chose the roundpen with the firmest footing, and they had just watered it, so it was fantastic. She was SO HAPPY to get her bit. I love it when she opens her mouth and moves her head around trying to find it.

The ground driving was fantastic! I made is short, which was good for her, and the razor blades in my boots made me keep it short.

 Yesterday, I listened to Horses in the Morning podcast radio show and there was a segment on nutrient depletion. Because she was on antibiotics for 4 days, her flora is messed up. I learned that grazing green grass can help with that. I took her for a short graze on Tuesday, I guess she gets to do it again today! She will be happy to learn THAT!

It was a great episode for me to listen. Lucky too, because I don,t listen to many of them.  click here to listen

 Maybe AnJan will have a probiotic for her. Dr, Novick should mention it and possible carry it, but he doesn't.

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