Thursday, May 05, 2016

Self Imposed Exile

We were scheduled to get a new roof on our house in Milpitas on Monday. I didn't think much about it, since no work was required of me. I should have thought of the noise! I bunch of guys walking around on the roof, ripping it apart. Lydia was upset, running and barking. I can’t blame her, it was something to bark at. The rabbits were very upset, not only by the roofers, but by Lydia. 

I stuffed the rabbits in a carrier with a litter box and hay and a no spill water bowl. I put a leash on Lydia and took a tote bag with my ipod, phone and notebook and loaded it in the car, Dave brought an xpen for me. We were off, away from the noise, not sure where we were going to go. Possibly refuge for a day in another bunny friendly home.

I'm offline away from home, so I parked at McDonald's to use the free WiFi. Denny was there and I talked to her. She reminded me that I had another house to fo to on Mt Hamilton! I had forgotten. That's how upset we all were. So the four of us, Lydia, Pierre, Kasey, and I, went to the mountain house, stopping first at Indian Hill to get hay and give pellets to Yndi and Pepper.

Three days, two nights, canned food and instant coffee, inflatable bed and folding camp chair. I had a stash of clean underpants and socks, and sweats to sleep in, all up there, but I wore my same clothes for three day. I read The 22 immutable Laws of Marketing, cover to cover.

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