Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life Has Things In It.

"Life has things in it."
This is a Barbi Breen-Gurley quote. She said this when Frix was pretending to be scared as an evasion. Frix had a lot of evasions. We found out why later.

One of the things in my life was a 13 year old who snuck onto my computer and found it wasn't password locked. So he want to MySpace. Going to MySpace is forbidden. Going to MySpace is like sharing a hypodermic needle with all the homeless people in San Francisco. He got a virus. The laptop crashed. "Does this mean I'm on computer restriction?" he asked.
I replied: "Do you mean you can't use the computer? Of course you can't use the computer. I can't use it, Dad can't use it, you can't use it. It's broken."
"But Mr. S put the homework questions online."

Cheap(free) anti virus doodad does not help. I think we need the kind you have to pay for. Money Bags has a hard time with this. I have reviewed many and read up on consumer report stuff and have suggested two. It will happen, but not soon. In the meantime, the computer with my pictures and photoshop and html editor is working but not going on the net.

I started physical therapy Friday. I don't know if it will help or if this is a good place. So many PTs have dropped my insurance because they cut the payout for PT by 35%.

I got a book on horse massage for Mother's day. I am practicing on Janow. He doesn't have any problems with it except, maybe, I read too slow.

Work on Fire Lookout Tower 13 is proceeding. Pictures one day, but computer power is limited still. Waiting on the anti virus doodad.

Silver had been moved into a new rabbitat. She likes it. It is roomier. I put the new water bowl and the new bigger litter basket and the new rug out in the family room first so she could investigate each one. Then I leaned the folded up rabbitat against the sofa for investigation. Then I set up the new 'tat around the old 'tat and opened the door so she could go out of the old into the new. She went in and out a lot. I waited for her to move out of the old, but after three days I gave up waiting and took the old out. She was very distressed and thumped the floor. I put the old standby bunnel in the 'tat and let her get used to it. She did. She likes the new 'tat.

I have ordered a treat ball and two Oxbow Timothy Hay Bungalows. They should come by Wednesday.

The Indian Hill tack swap is next Saturday. I am deciding if I should sell my dressage coat and boots. I'll never be able to use them again. Maybe I should offer some of the bit collection too. I need to get a carriage house. I will see if I can get a good set of brush boots and a folding saddle rack.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've not been back to PT either. Insurance hardly covers it and we can't afford $40-$50 each visit. But not going has really slowed my healing and rebuilding strength, though. I'm sorry you're having trouble with PT and insurance, too.
So, why won't you ever be able to dressage again?

I'm glad your bun bun is settling into the new 'tat. hehe!


Cara said...

Whoa Lisa! $40-$50? Mine is $120 per visit! I need pretty specialized PT due to different problems interferring with each other. Cost of living here is also a factor.