Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Chickens and Bird Brains

What a day! Planned for May when it is sure to be warm but possibly windy, it was not warm and it was windy! I think I burned a week's worth of calories just shivering. I came out $36 and a pair of hind brush boots ahead of the game.

Janow didn't need brush boots when he was young. Now he needs them. His attitude improved with brush boots behind. Now that he knows about them, his attitude without them becomes impossible. He is no spring chicken, but he's not a bird brain either.

Yesterday Dave had the car and we had moved my saddle from the *trunk to the garage. I took the truck to the barn and forgot my saddle. Not wanting to go back home and get it, I settled for a thourogh grooming followed by all the massage techniques I have studied so far. Then a walk on the longe line and some trot. Since I have been learning and practicing my massage techniques, Janow has become more and more enthusiastic at greeting my arrival. I guess he likes it. He seems to sleep through most of it.

Money Bags has aggreed to one of the anti-virus softwares that I proposed. Now only implementation needs to happen.

Now, after spending 4 hours shivering, I have turned up the spa and am waiting for it to heat to 100 degrees..........

*The tack storage I have at Indian Hill gets too hot in summer to store leather, my saddle stays in the trunk where it is cooler, but not in the truck cab.

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allhorsestuff said...

Well, good on you...and HIM too...I do love massage and so does Wa mare...after she gets over that I am focusing on her!
Sounds very good!