Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's Snowing!

Dave takes a lot of pictures. Like snow in a blizzard. Then he gives me the camera. That is the theme for today. But first:

Joseph has his "old job" back and it mucking for me this summer. He is amazingly more useful than he was a year ago. Here he is with Janow.

I got to drive the road cart in my lesson this week. It was fun. Sadly, not with Janow but, instead, with Nutmeg. I like Nutmeg, but she is not Janow. The more I know, the more I am aware of how little control I actually have when ground driving Janow compared to how much I will need with a cart. Good thing I am taking lessons!

My shoulders and upper back have been killing me for days!. I finally realized it is from my driving lesson and holding my arms up. I was concentrating so hard on getting the bend and making round circles. I guess I can live with that.

Here we go around the ranch again. Good thing Janow enjoys it! Skyler doesn't spook at the harness anymore, but Pokey comes unglued every time.

And now, back to Dave's photos. Dave takes a lot of photos. I am in charge of everything after the click.

I can't load them into my laptop where my Photoshop software is because the port doesn't work. I load them into a different computer and email them in sets of five. I open each email here and load them into my hard drive. They come in a zip file. I have to unzip them and then put them into photoshop.

Then I can edit. The port that does not work for the camera is the same port that does not work for the mouse. I have to use the touch pad or that stupid red nipple mouse for photoshop. I have to do it at the desk where the desktop computer is because the wireless will not connect. I have to do it when Dave is not using his desktop.

Dave took these pictures from the top of Mt. Hamilton, through the telescope.

When I looked at the thumbnails, I thought it was more moon shots. He has taken a lot of moon shots.

Now I realize that all those moon shots in November and December were probably pictures he had taken through the telescope.

Here is what he was taking pictures of.

Fortunately, he took a few of these so you can see what you can't see through the telescope.

...and a close up. More than one, of course. Each is framed differently through the branches.

The lookout tower is an obsession. That's OK. It's pretty cool. All the neighbors have been watching this go up through binoculars. At last weeks BBQ, they wanted to know what it was. He told them, I invited them to come over and see it. EVERYBODY wanted to see it close up!


Breathe said...

I'm a big believer in just pressing the shutter until the battery gives out.

Glad your driving lessons are going well. It looks so easy on Gunsmoke.

Rising Rainbow said...

I can relate to a sore back from ground driving. Sounds like you're getting the hang of things. It's a great skill.

Anonymous said...

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Carry on the good work!