Friday, August 13, 2010

Trace Weight, Orlando, Catalog

Janow has had weight in the traces two times now. The first time just a little for about 30 meters. The second time was after I let him think about it for a few days. It was a bit heavier a lot longer. Cathy and Lauren helped. Both times were non-events. He is ready to go to the trainers and pull the drag and a cart. Dave just has to get the ramp off my trailer and re-enforce the doors.

What else? Orlando Bun was sick, but seems to be getting better. We all thought he was headed for The Bridge. Who is Orlando? Not my rabbit, but a rabbit I know. They are so fragile, rabbits are.

That made me worry about Silver, who was not very enthusiastic for many of the foods she usually liked. Silver is a picky eater, as much as rabbits can be. But I worried. Not eating is deadly for a bun. If they don't eat, they go into gastric stasis and die. faster than starving to death. Overnight. Silver, it turns out, was a bit of loneliness and a lot of "I don't like my door open so much." She likes her BUNker but feels unsafe if the door is open and she can come and go as she pleases. I closed the door and she improved.

What else? Lots of ebay listings. Doublecatbatik items on ebay Since I write the html for my listings, that is a lot of work. These things are on ebay.
Creeping Violet

Perfect Circles



Blue Party

Mouse Pad

Stars and Ziggies


The Fab Furs said...

Busy times. You certainly don't have to worry about "idle hands are the devil's workshop". Interesting that Silver gets lonely and yet wants to hunker in her BUNker with the door shut.

Cara said...

Hunker in her BUNker! lol