Thursday, August 05, 2010


Yesterday I went driving. It was fun. I met a VSE* mare named Lint.
I saw this paddock where the llamas had eaten the trees all up as high as they could reach.
I worked on the crane project but then my pen ran out of ink.
I finally looked at the saddle pad in progress. I was working on it a while ago and it suddenly looked like it was not going to work. I had put a lot of time into it and liked it. The thought of throwing it out because of my mistake was more than I could handle just then.
So I didn't work on it. Finally, realizing I had to figure it out, I looked again. It is fine. It was a brain fart that made it look weird.

*VSE-Very Small Equine, under 39 inches. Miniature horses are less then 38 inches. VSEs get an extra inch.

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