Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pet Expo

Yesterday, I went to the Pet Expo at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.I got some flower essences, armadillo tattoos(temporary), a block print of two bunnies: Tyler and Syndey by The Qi Papers' Diana Moll, and dog treat samples.
There were also bunny treats from The Rabbit Haven. These were regarded with suspicion by Silver, who ate one...eventually.

I stopped at Michael's, the craft store we all love to hate. I got a frame for my print here. Then I went home and put the print in and hung it up.

I sent a text communication to the vet out by Yndi, requesting a lameness work up for her hind end problems. More money spent, but better to find out if she needs some rehab before I spend more money on training. Maybe less discomfort for Yndi too. We will find out if training can continue and what modifications can be made to increase her success. She is sweet and I think she wants to be good, so I want to help her.

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Lisa said...

The pet expo sounds like so much fun! Good luck with Yndi's work up.