Friday, February 03, 2012

Things are Looking Up for Yndi Again

Here are some pictures from yesterday.
I am trying to care for Yndi the way I would want a 16 year old beloved mare to be cared for if I had to give her up. I do not see her often enough to have formed much of an attachment. It is hard having a horse over an hour away. Dave said it is like not having a horse at all.

She had the farrier, which was overdue. Roger's is small, with few horses. I could not find anyone who would go there for one trim. So...she had to wait for everybody's day.

The farrier found that she was landing very heavily on the inside of her hind feet, enough to cause some pretty apparent bruising of the sole. He said that he had seen that in brood mares and thought it was due to ligament damage during difficult parturition. Roger thinks it could also be from not being in good physical condition while she was in foal.

This problem results in her hind legs not working properly, sometimes maybe with pain. It explains her lack of confidence. It explains the difference in personality between the Yndi that hangs out in her stall and the Yndi getting ready for work.


They feel there is a lot that can be done. Roger has had good success with Reiki, so I have arranged for a Reiki practitioner to give her some treatments.

Roger will continue the conditioning which should help, and ask for less of the things that might be uncomfortable or more difficult.

She is already better after having the farrier begin correcting her feet.


d. moll, said...

Good things are happening for Yndi everyday, in warms the cockles of my little heart to hear of progress.

Gail said...

I'm very proud of what you're doing.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.

OnTheBit said...

She is so stinking cute! Think about how much discomfort she has been in and for how long...I have a feeling that it might just take her a little bit of time to enjoy her job and realize how fun it is.