Friday, January 04, 2008


We are having a storm. Compared to lots of places, it's pretty mild. We just aren't used to it and our lives aren't designed to handle it well. If it rained and blew like this frequently the we would have the stuff that makes it easier to live with. As it is, it's hard to justify the expense of installing it if you are only going to really need it for one storm every few years.

I didn't put a blanket on Janow last night because he has a lot of hair, and if he could stay dry, his hair would keep him warmer that a blanket. A blanket would just squish the hair down and reduce it's ability to insulate. If he could stay dry. He got wet. the wind gusted and swirled around, leaving only a very small dry part in his stall. He probably stayed dry until breakfast when he had to leave the small spot to eat.

When I got there, he was standing right up against the wall. He turned his head around to look at me and his head was all tilted. Right away I feared a neurological condition! No, he was just tilting it away from the wind. He was miserable. So I got a lightweight wool blanket and put it on. I walked him down to the arena barn, a soaking journey in itself. He was already wet. I walked him up and down the aisle a bunch, and scratched his face. He was very itchy. Then I took the blanket off and let him roll in the arena.

Re blanketed for the walk home, where I changed the blanket for a dry one with heavier wool and gave him lost of hay. He seemed just fine when I left.

Do horses live in the wild without this care? All the time. Usually not to the age of 19. A big part of why we have animals we don't need for survival is because we enjoy making them comfy. They can't say "But Mom!!!! Bucky gets too!"

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