Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday Bunday

A cute rabbit icanhascheeseburger would be fun, but Marshmallow needs help.

Spayed - 2 years old
Intake#: N/A
Appropriate for families witih children over 9 years old, or an adult home. Is good with small, well-behaved dogs and friendly cats.

Marshmalllow was abandoned by a family that recently moved away. Instead of taking Miss Marshmallow to the shelter, they stuffed her (inside of her terribly dirty cage) into a trash dumpster and drove off.

Fortunately, neighbors were aware of what happened. They pulled Marshmallow from the dumpster. This sweet, sweet bunny is now in foster care.

Like most bunnies, Marshmallow is resilient and forgiving. She is incredibly sweet and loving, and we hope to find a wonderful home for her soon.

Marshmallow is currently at PETCO in Murrieta (24480 Village Walk Place, Murrieta, CA 92562, 951.691.5063). Please contact if you would like to learn more, or call 951-790-BUNS (2867).


d. moll, said...

Sometimes I think it's good I don't own a gun. I did learn how to shoot one in summer camp when I was 9. Marshmellow looks like one of the nicest bun in the dang world.

Cara said...

D--Even if you DID have a gun, stupid people shooting bright people would still outnumber bright people shooting stupid people.

This is Easter Bunny Set Free to be Wild month. Please remember that domestic rabbits are not the same species as wild rabbits in North America. The wild rabbits will not take them in and love them, but will aggressively defend their territory. Your Easter bunny will NOT live happily ever after. They will die of dog attacks, hawks eating dinner, exposure and injuries, and they will be frightened throughout the wild death experience.