Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pacific International Quilt Festival

Pacific International Quilt Festival is nearly here! It begins on Thursday and runs through Sunday. It has the biggest vendor fair I have ever seen in my life!

I've had two quilts accepted for entry into the show this year. I have sewn on a sleeve and checked labels, so they are ready for delivery today.

Sue Cracks Up 30x30

I batiked the Sunbonnet Sues instead of applique which is more traditional. The sashing is batiked onto the same fabric asw the Sue, so this quilt is pieced from only 9 pieces of fabric.

Key Search 82" x 105"
The little 2 inch squares on this are pieced from scraps that were too small to cut a 2 inch square from, yet too large to just throw away.
I had a good time with the quilting, I didn't feel serious and so I quilted outlines of old skeleton keys, and then quilted around them so they are hidden. When it hung in the Legacies of Love quilt show, just an exhibition of quilts made by guild members and not juried, people had a good time finding them. They are not impossible to find.

I had plans to sell this quilt, but I'm having trouble parting with it because it's so fun to look at.

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