Sunday, October 01, 2006


We bought new Uniture. Actually, just the sofa, loveseat and chair. Should have got two chairs, no loveseat. I said the room is too small, he said it will fit. Well, it fits, but it's more crowded than I like. Then we picked out a new entertainment center, one to match the sofa and fit around that old 61 inch TV. It's NOT a flat screen and it takes up a lot of space! We are still movng stuff around trying to decided on placement.

Then the computer hutch we had was all wrong, so we ordered a new one to match the entertainment center.

I went in search of an occaisional table. No coffee table, they just collect stuff and you have to walk around them. I hate walking around furniture. I found one that was OK, but the wrong finish. I would have had to refinish it. It was easily worth the $250 price tag, but I could see paying that much for one I had to refinish. So I decided to head on over to Cost Plus and see if I could get something wicker or what and paint it. On my way, I saw garage sale signs..............

The table cabinet I bought was definitely in need of refinsishing, it had the 70's heavy varnish and dark stain. $5.00. A good price even for firewood. Then the work started. Oh boy. But I got it to match the new entertainment center and computer hutch.

We are still moving stuff around........

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