Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Science Fair

Joseph is currently working on his science fair project and using the cameraq to document his results. So, I am not taking pics until he is done. That way my pics won't mix up in his pics and cause any confusion.

It's an odd science project involving enzymes and pH. Easy to do the experimant at home, and to wrtie up a display.......but.......

Enzymes and pH, in 6th grade? Can they even comprehend what these are? PH especially, is a hard concept.


I am also pondering a letter that came home from the school. It doesn't make sense, involves punitive actions, and was sent home with the entire 6th grade. It kind of has a nasty "we have power to wreck your life, or else" feel. It uses lots of accromyms and buzzwords which, I am sure, the principle uses every day in her job. I, however, do not use them and I so am not familiar. The letter does not define them. I am required to sign that I have read and understood this letter so that Joseph can take it back to school this morning.

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