Saturday, March 29, 2008

Etc and misk

I started a blog for Silver yesterday, buns-of-silver The reasoning behind it is this: I have been reading the blogs of some British cats. Ramses' blog is very interesting. His sister Isis had kittens, and they were cute, and I wanted to comment, but did not feel right commenting as a person, so I made a blog for Silver and commented form that one. She's not a cat, but.....

Ramses' blog is: ramsesmeow and it links to Isis' and Tigmut'hep's.

Silver is not the only bun in cyberspace: fracklesanddeb

I have been working on the mariners compass. I needed two, and, as you know, one did not come out. So I made another and it did not come out, but I was able to disassemble parts and adjust it and it finally was round and flat. So I was attaching them, and ruined one. So I had to make another one and I did and it was flat right away, and round too.....but it was too big and something was odd. I figured out what it was, disassembled it and put it back, now it is good. It is going on a saddle pad for the quilt show. Deadlines for entries are Tuesday, but the actual item does not have to be turned in until the 16th,?? maybe the 14th???
So I've got time.

Janow has had a hard week. Monday, the first thing I noticed was that he didn't want any of his favorite treats. Then I noticed that he was very interested in having my scratch his stomach on and just behind the heart girth(that's the front part of the stomach that still has ribs and a sternum). When I got down on the ground and looked up, he was covered with hard bumps and the hair was falling off. I think he slept on a spider. Ew. But he is getting better. He had a chiropractic adjustment on Monday too.

The shedding continues. I wonder if horse hair counts as dietary fiber.

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