Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tuxedo Cats are Taking Over the World!

I received pictures in my email of yet another tuxedo cat.
This is Cookie Monster.

The impact of pet ownership on our economy has been expressed as dollars spent on pet food and vet care and pet toys. I've never heard any mention of the pet owners' contribution in terms of cameras and software for recording their pets.

For example: This is Silver, AKA Newman. She is difficult to photograph because she is pretty quick. Also the size of her eyes! My red-eye removal software isn't able to recognize this much red-eye. According to Photoshop, nothing I could take pictures of has this much eye space.
Silver has also enlightened me concerning the Easter Bunny Myth. It can't be true. No self respecting bunny would deliver baskets intact. Each bun takes personal responsibilty and pride in ridding the world of baskets. It's a lot of work, but buns are dedicated.

Today, I have signed up for Retreat Lite from Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Community Quilts. It's a two day sew in, but close by(Newark) and inexpensive. No teachers or classes. Overnight hotel accomodations are an option since we will be able to go home easily. So I can visit Janow and see Dave and Joseph, but have a place to sew this weekend where I will not be interupted every few minutes.

This is called ETSY Mini, I'm not sure how it works, this is a test:

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