Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sticky Buns

There is a rabbit activity going on in the Bunny Blog world. It's called Sticky Buns. What you do is:
Take a picture of your rabbit.
Print it on an 8x11 sheet of sticky label paper.
Cut it out.
Go out in the world and stick it somewhere.
Take a photograph of your rabbit sticker.
Take the sticker off--no defacing property!
Post the picture on your rabbit blog.
Leave a comment on Rabbit Guy's blog.

What happens then is that Rabbit Guy will put your photo up on the official Sticky Buns site.

So I took the picture.

I cut it out in photoshop.

I put it on a flash drive and took it to staples where they treated it like any other important business copy job.

Then I stuck it here:

Go to Silver's Buns of Silver blog to see it.

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