Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back from Camp

I returned from camp stitches last night. I was going to come home at noon, but I was "almost" finished. I made this quilt top. It was the Mystery Quilt. There were about 20 people who made the same one, but they are all so different because of the fabric choices.

Today was some unpacking from camp. This canvas batik got it's first coat of poly.

Silver and I had some sling time this morning. I fixed a new cardboard mat for her platform. I peel back the first layer of corrugated and it keeps her feet from slipping on the plastic. I also made a bigger one for the whole cage bottom this time.

I got to the barn and Janow had a swollen rear fetlock. Two grams of bute, 15 minutes of hydrotherapy and 20 minutes of hand walking and it was Nealy normal sized. It might be swollen again tomorrow, but it might not.

I'm still pooped from camp so I'm having my own private Battlestar Galactica marathon today.

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Brandon said...

Your work is just so lovely! Love the quilt and the kitty!