Monday, September 15, 2008

Monkey Honor Court

These monkeys are getting closer to done. I am making thme for the silent auction at Troop 92's Court of Honor, which is tonight. I better get busy.
I also want to make cornerstones for the quilt top I made in Camp Stitches. I put a pic of it here yesterday. I like the cornerstones better than the mitered corners, and they are easy to change.

I also plan on putting another coat of polyurethane on the bird canvas, and hopefully to iron the birdhouse canvas today so I am ready to put poly on it as soon as the bird one is done.

That's about all I expect to achive today, between an appointment in Cupertino, Joseph in and out of school, Janow whose fetlock may be swollen again today, and making a dish for the Court of Honor potluck.