Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Dance

So I did all this embroidery.

The reason was so that I could sew it onto the sweatshirts that I dyed last month.

So I'm laying it out and so far I'm not liking this too much.

And then there was this online contest. DO this and get a chance for a prize in a drawing. I almost never do them. This one was easy, and one of the prizes was an art card. Art cards are standard baseball card size. Usually original art, sometimes prints. I like art cards, so I did this one. And I won! So I was hoping to get the art card.

A package came in the mail today, from Canada, in a matter of DAYS, must be my prize, hope it's the art card. IS the art card, and ALL THE OTHER STUFF! Wow!
Three little notepads of blank paper, two bactieriology notecards--hand drawn! Really nice earrings. Subtle in color, not really long, very lightweight, with one bead that sparkles Iridescently when the light is just so. Very very fun!

If you like any of this small stuff, you can see more and bigger stuff at Ulixis.etsy

BTW, Mama, the answer is "Yes." That fingernail WAS dirty, but I cleaned it for the picture because I know you read my blog and I KNEW you would notice!

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