Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh Shoot!

I have a saddle pad that I made for Janow. I made the batik myself, on denim, and then built the pad from there. It has two layers of 100% cotton bat and one thin layer of needle felted poly to help give it some hand. I have a picture of Janow with the pad, but it was from a time when he, as well as I, were feeling a bit peeked. SO.......................

I needed another one! Barb was at the barn at the right time and took some pictures for me.

This is our whole photo shoot. In the old days, you figured how many treats you needed for the roll of film. The new digital cams can store many more pictures than that!
You always run out of treats before you run out of memory.

This is the one I picked. Barb positioned herself even with the shoulder, and I did not notice. It would have been better to choose a position even with the hindquarters. It makes the but look bigger and the head look smaller. It doesn't help that Janow has a big Lipizzan head. Photoshop helped, as you can see.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is a gorgeous saddle pad!
Have you ever considered going into business selling them to horse people?

It seems most of the saddle pads out there are western designed or just plain....nothing unique or individual.

I love batik and your design is beautiful :)

Great pics. I can tell that you and Janow adore each other.


Cara said...

I have several batik pads in progress that I will have for sale when they are done. The embellished pads are on my website now. Those have done pretty well locally. They are on my website.

Janow and I adore each other. Janow adores me more when I have a pocket full of cookies.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love that saddle pad, you should go ahead and sell them online. I've looked at your other stuff and it is unique also, very talented lady. By the way I love your Lippizan he is beautiful. I am hoping some day to either own a Lippizan or Andalusian or Lusitano. Thanks for stopping by by blog.

Strawberry Lane said...

That saddle pad is just beautiful! What talent you have! ... Love that horse!