Friday, September 05, 2008

block monkey

Here is a sock monkey I made with a pair of Cub Scout socks. They are official Cub Scout socks, that a self respecting Boy Scout would never wear. So they became a monkey. Dave and Whiskers played with him and had a great time.

Here are the blocks in the Block of the Month drawing. Do you remember seeing them in progress last week? Not a huge number of blocks, but 9 is a perfect number to make a square quilt out of. I entered all four of mine as Community Quilts. The next person to put block up entered both of hers as Community Quilts also. I couldn't stay to see who won.

I finished the book Queen City Jazz by Kathllen Ann Goonan. Really good! There are 4 books in this series, but our library only has this one, and the local book store doesnt have any. I guess I'll have to order them. I have to wait though, we are netering the time of year when you don't buy anyhting for yourself. My family has all the birthdays except Joseph between Oct 5th and Dec 31st. I already have Dave's and Maura's birthday gifts. There are so many, I have to start early.

I checked out Ken Follet's Pillars yesterday at the library. That should keep me until Christmas! If I can renew it that many times!


20 meter circle of life said...

I LOVE that sock Monkey!! I had one growing up and he was a dear friend for many years!

Melanie said...

LOL!!! I love the comment that you left about hydrogenation. I thought about dropping a few names, only because I have had lots of chem and bio courses, but I doubt the little girl would get it. Her dad on the other hand...

I love the name "Janow." It is the name of the main character in a book that I read in about 8th grade, that was sort of a take on the history of Poland. Can't remember the name of the book , or the author, but they are both well known!

Anonymous said...

Cute monkey, but i love the squares!