Monday, September 08, 2008

Is it done yet?

I have worked on many things this weekend. I have not finished anything.

All the Lex Luthors from my August 21st entry have received hair and wait to be stuffed. After that they will go onto Prim Sweatshirts. I have nine in progress. I have done some further work on the hand stitched sayings. I have three panels left to do. I have begun dying the shirts. I did three this weekend, in two kinds of blue. They look fantastic and are tumbling in the dryer after the last rinse.

I have begun two more sock monkeys. all the arms and legs are stuffed and they are ready to be stitched together.

I was not happy with how the Running Horses tank was progressing. After much thought, I have chosen a course of action. I had requests for more of the kind I made for Erica, the mushroom/snail one and the stars one. I turned it down. Those take so long to do and I really have decided to focus on my pads and prim shirts.

It was too hot to wax for batik this weekend. The hot wax has to cool before it can bleed out into the fabric. At the temps we had for the past week, it would not have happened!

The 'boys' went up to Mt. Hamilton again this weekend. They came home early because the temp up there had reached 99 degrees F. They brought the lawn tractor home with them. Its still disassembled. Now it's disassembled at my house.

The pictures are of some floor cloths I listed on ETSY recently. I will move them to doublecatbatik soon.

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