Tuesday, September 16, 2008

monkeys need pants

Janow's fetlock is fine today. I was going to ride, but Dave it turned out that Dave didn't put my saddle back after the weekend. Boy, is he gonna feel rotten!

I finished the monkeys, but it turns out that the Court of Honour is next Monday. That gives me a week to make them all some pants. The first monkey has had his nose changed from buttons to French knots and now he has a smile. The second two are made with the sock inside out. The insides of the soles of the socks are terry, and the sole becomes the monkey's back. I thought they would look better with hairy backs, so I made them with the socks inside out.

Here are the other two cornerstones for the quilt I made at camp. I haven't put them in the quilt.

Then I made more of these. I didn't need them, but I made them.

The first coat of poly went on this birdhouse canvas today.

Paula supervised.

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