Monday, April 09, 2007

vIgajbe' pIch--It's not my fault

Well, the trip to Golfland Arcade with the Easter egg hunt tokens yeilded 1500 prize tickets for a giant stuffed bear. I took a picture of the bear, but haven't uploaded from the camera yet.

I also finished my Spring Swap ornie and need to take a picture of that. It came out so primitively grungy, I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not very experienced at grunging primitive things, but I got the queen of grunge as my swap partner and I think I did OK.

I also made this Klingon shirt for Joseph's Museum Project. His 5th/6th grade class is making a museum of languages for the open house. They have been working on it all year. Each student is researching a different language and maiking a museum display. Joseph is doing his on Klingon.

The students voted and chose to do it in costum. Of course, a Klingon costume is a big trekkie item and would be major $$, and not really nessesary, but a trekkie T-shirt should do. So I made this one. It says "vIgajbe' pIch" which is Klingon for "I didn't do it." or "It's not my fault." or "I don't posess blame."

It should be "pIch vIgajbe'" but I messed up. I don't think there are enough Klingon speakers in Milpitas that it will make a difference.

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